CIK-FIA Academy. 2nd round in Algarve (Portugal)

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The technical and organizational success gained on the occasion of the 1st rnd of the Academy Trophy.

The technical and organizational success gained on the occasion of the first round of the CIK-FIA Academy, Vortex branded, has been filed, and now the second round is at the start. Next weekend the 51 young kart drivers from 39 different nations will race on the thrilling International Algarve circuit, in Portimao (Portugal) and once again they will test the technical material made in OTK Kart Group.

The chassis provided for each of the three calendar events, are all perfectly equal and manufactured by OTK Kart Group, powered by Vortex engine and with Exprit frames and equipped with the data capture system by Dakton.

As for the chassis, these will be the same ones that were given on the occasion of the first round in Essay (France), while the Vortex engines will be drawn again before the start of the event.

In the opening event all the equipment has proved to be efficient and of great quality, highlighting performance standards absolutely equal for all participants, thus contributing to the success of the CIK event.

Also on the Algarve circuit, in order to ensure maximum transparency, in an exciting competition atmosphere and but peaceful at the same time, the engines will be exchanged between the various drivers within one race and another. A system, the latter, which gives transparency to the event and also features the maximum performance equality and engines reliability.

All the CIK-FIA Academy activities are coordinated and regulated by the International Federation staff, which can count on the precious and faultless organizational and logistical support of OTK Kart Group.

Press Release by: OTK Kart Group - 24/06/16

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