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Modena Engines: born in Motor Valley

Modena Engines: born in Motor Valley
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We went to Villavara di Bomporto, near Modena, in the middle of the “Motor Valley” to visit the Modena Engines production facility, one of the most interesting 125 shifter engine recently homologated.

The company in object is ASPA S.r.l. , firm which produces high technology components for industries such as Pagani. Here we met the responsibles of the factory, starting from technical director Antonio Gerardi, Andrea Malagoli and Fabio Verzelli and obviously the person who is behind this project: the brilliant Eng. Roland Holzner, sole responsible of engine section. Not only kart engines: now they are working also on an aeronautical engine.

On the July issue of Vroom International you can find all details about their new projects.

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