Front Fairing in the BNL Karting Series

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BNL Karting Series introduced CIK-FIA regulations concerning the use of front click bumpers.

Following the CIK-FIA regulations concerning the front fairing and the use of front click bumpers on a kart and following the succesfull introduction in the Belgian Max Challenge, the BNL Karting Series will introduce the system as well as from the next race in Ostricourt on the 2nd and 3rd of July. Front fairing will be obligatory in the classes DD2, DD2 Masters, Junior Max and Senior Max. We noticed that the use of these click bumpers make races safer, for sure during the starting procedure. To convert your front bumper into a CIK homologated front click bumper you just need to reinstall your existing front bumper on these specific mounts: art. KG AT.002.NE. The Front Fairing mounting kit needs to have the CIK-FIA logo on it to be conform the norm. The organisation of the BNL Karting Series will release an addendum on its’ regulations prior to the race in Ostricourt in which a clicked down front bumper after the race will result in a 10 second time penalty for the driver. Appeal to this decision is not possible. If scrutineering detects manipulation on or to the front bumper of any kind to alter the working of the front fairing system this will be considered as deceit and will result in the immediate exclusion of the driver and mechanic to the race venue.

Press Release by: BNL karting series - 22/06/16

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