Front bumber: does it need another crash test?

- Close Up
Why now drivers can stop up other drivers whithout penalities? Because front bumbers are flexible…

During the second round of the European OK Championship in Adria, after the collision on the last lap, as we can see in the photo above, drivers’ front bumpers were in the correct position. As you surely know, when the front spoiler is found dislodged, the driver will receive a 10 seconds penalty, but in Adria after that contact no one was found with front fairing dislodged.
But there was a contact and Tom Joyner (Zanardi-Parilla) took a beating..! Even if some says that a penalty will be applied in Portimao, this regulation doesn’t take into account the driver’s unsporting behaviour, but the penalty is assigned just considering the front fairing position.
So, critiques on this regulation made by team managers and operators lay the foundations for a revision of the whole system. CIK-FIA seems to be inclined to review crash test parameters at the end of June.  


Stay tuned!
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