Juan Manuel Correa, from karting to Formula 4

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This is the first season in F.4 for Juan Manuel Correa, and we asked him how does a karter feel when racing in an open wheeler championship.

You had great success in karting and this is your first year in car racing, how do you feel? Which are the most critical aspects for a kart driver when he passes to cars?

I am very excited for what this year holds, it is obviously my first season in a single seater, and so far I am really enjoying the new experience. When moving up to a Formula 4 car from karting, it is very important to have confidence with the car so as to always be in control when driving. It is also challenging at first, you have to get used to the way you need to brake, and it’s important to improve your feeling with the car gradually.”

Manufacturers and teams bring up young drivers and when they are experienced enough, they often leave karting for car racing. Do you think that F.4, and in general open wheeler entry championships can damage karting environment?

I have noticed that there are many drivers that have moved  up to Formula 4 directly from KF3/KFJ which now is the new OK Junior class, I think that this is harmful for karting. However, I feel that doing one year in KF before Formula 4 was definitely the right move, but I guess that this comes down to personal opinion.”

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