Mental Economy Training: strengthen your brain

- Special
Formula Medicine team attends Adria International Raceway to present his activities and to let drive testing the Mental Economy Training.

For a driver his mental performance is importanter than his physical performance because the physical stress of the body is strictly related to his mental attitude. Formula Medicine knows it since 1989, so they created the Mental Economy Training, which is a training specific to improve their mental skills.
The program is focused on the optimization of drivers’ mental resources and to reduce the area of the brain used. Drivers’ brain must be much more economic in terms of expenditure of neurological energy. The Mental Economy Training consists of a set of tools and techniques which evaluate objectively both the performance of the brain and expenditure of neurological energy, triing them to continually increase their mental performance while continually lowering their expenditure of neurological energy.
Details and methods on the next issue of Vroom International!


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