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ROK Cup USA Epcot Challenge (July 14th – July 17th) Full package rental program available

ROK Cup USA is proud to present the 2nd Annual Epcot Challenge race were young driver all over the world are invited to participate. The purpose of this race is to create a welcome family ambiance at one of the most popular summer destinations in the world for all the young drivers. The family would not only will experience a great race weekend, but will also have the opportunity to enjoy for a day one of the famous Disney World theme park Epcot, plus a complementary brunch only for the ROK CUP USA series at a world know restaurant as part of the experience.
ROK CUP USA welcomes all fellow Rokkers to this journey, were they will not enjoy and grow as drivers, but also as a sign of gratitude to all the supportive racing family. Champions will secure a spot for the ROK International finals 2016, in Italy.
As another incentive ROK CUP USA is offering a new full package rental program to all drivers for the 2nd Annual Epcot Challenge Race. This package program is to help drivers from over the world and the state to have a complete smooth experience.
Prices are:
MICRO-ROK 7-9 YEARS 230 Lbs. MINI-ROK $ 1,950.00
MINI-ROK 8-12 YEARS 245 Lbs. MINI-ROK $ 1,950.00
JUNIOR-ROK 12-15 YEARS 330 Lbs. ROK GP $ 2,250.00
The package includes:
·      Rental of a Complete OTK Assembled NEW Kart
·      Rental of a brand new engine
·      Rental of Kart Stand
·      Registration for the race
·      4 New tires mounted on kart
·      Pit pass for race for 1 driver and 1 mechanic for Saturday and Sunday
·      Transportation + lunch at Les Chefs de France inside Epcot Center + pass for driver plus 2 companion to EPCOT CENTER
·      Space under a Tent
·      1 Table
·      2 Chairs
·      1 Set of rain rims
·      Seat will not be installed
The package does not include:
·      Practice tires
·      Fuel
·      Track practice fees
·      Tools
·      Data system
·      Race tires ( 6 front tires for Micro/Mini – 3 front + 3 rear Junior – 4 front + 4 rear Shifter)
Karts will be available on TUESDAY JULY 12 AT 10:00 AM
Karts will be inspected at the termination of the event and all damages will be charged
To register and take advantage of this great promotion Register here
Must register by: TUESDAY JULY 12, 2016
For more information please contact:
407-476-5635     ext. 2


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