ROK Cup International Final – How to prepare for registration

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The ROK National Championships are in full swing around the world, Rokkers are giving the usual exhibition at all latitudes. The final international still seems far away but time passes quickly with bends and overtakings and in a short time we will find ourselves right close to the ROK Cup International Final (October 19th to 22nd at the South Garda Karting in Lonato).

To register to the ROK Final that will take place on the renewed South Garda track (Italy) is necessary not to forget two key points:
1. Registrations will open in mid-September and will remain open for a week.
2. All Rokkers who attended 50% (rounded up) at least of the races of the respective national championship will have priority.
Once the registration deadline will be expired a list of entries will be done, giving priority to the drivers who are entitled (50% national races) according to the order of receipt of entries and subsequently the remaining free seats will be assigned.
The remaining places will be allocated on chronological order of registration (registration must be completed in all parts).
All interested drivers please contact ROK Cup USA office for more information.
Phone number: 407-476-5635


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