ATR Team Brask shown the art of driving at the 2016 GoCharity 12h Endurance

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Some people go to the symphony, others to the museum, or something simular to experience, what they believe is true art... But Others, they go to the race track! They go to the racetrack, to see the art of balancing a vehicle on the limit, better than anyone else..

The people, who last weekend went to the 2016 GoCharity 12h endurance race, they saw a kind of art that very few get to see the way they did at this event, the art of driving: ATR Team Brask! From the beginning of the race, it was clear that the teams kart were underpowered.. The drivers would have to extract the absolute maximum of themself to be able to do something, and the strategy as well were pushed beyond risky limits... Suddently, the skies above openend and showers came down as never seen before... The race had some laps after the safetycar, before again being released..

And when the green flags were waved, it was time for the drivers to make the difference, rather than the karts! The team made a show of another planet, lapping at times, several seconds faster than anyone else... It was unbelievable the pace we were setting, even our opponents couldn't do anything else than to smile....
After being several laps down in P5, we managed to catch nearly everyone to finish P2, a stunning drive from everyone on the team, absolutely brilliant!

A special thank you to the legends that is, Colin Brown, Ramon Pineiro, James Brown and Kevin Rossel - Artists of the highest caliber...

All of us on the team would very much like to say thanks to the organisor Brian Madsen, BSM and Team Rynkeby who made all of this happen in the support of children's cancer foundation...

Thanks to our partners for letting us race, and to Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus for having us, and for the always much appreciated support from Vroom Karting Magazine.

ATR Team Brask

Press Release by: ATR Team Bransk - 26/05/16

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