Rock Island Grand Prix announces 2016 race classes, changes in registration

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After announcing significant changes in the race program last year, the Rock Island Grand Prix has modernized its online registration program for 2016. This year’s race will continue the format introduced last year which features a pea pick and heat race for qualifying and the opportunity to run two races on the same set of tires in Briggs and Yamaha Heavy classes.

The only change in the class lineup for 2015 is the dropping of the 80cc shifter program and addition of a Margay Ignite Shootout Junior class. Also, the vintage kart program has become more focused by specifying a Vintage Sportsman Class, Vintage Mac class and Vintage Open class. Sidewinder and rear engine karts are allowed in all Vintage classes.
The biggest change, which racers have been asking for, is modernization of the registration process through a partnership with Raceday. Racers will be able to access registration from their desktop, tablet or smart phone. Once they complete a very brief procedure to establish an account, they will be able to enter the race simply using a credit or debit card. Kart number will be confirmed when you register and credit cards will be processed the same day. A small processing fee will be charged to the racer. Racers not wishing to register online can still print off a registration form from the Rock Island Grand Prix website and mail it in with a check.
Raceday's mission is to make kart competition a better experience for fans, drivers, promoters and sponsors alike. The Raceday software available at brings cutting edge technology to kart racing by being the simplest way to set up and run a karting event, series, or track.

Raceday becomes part of the track’s website. It’s a single, easy-to-use tool for registration, memberships, race setup and management, driver profiles, race results and a whole lot more. There is no downloading, no installation, no maintenance, no hassle. Raceday has been providing drivers of kart, snowmobile, car, and off-road vehicles a faster way to get registered with an event, manage their public profiles and keep track of their results since 2011.
“We are excited about the upgrades that our partnership with Raceday will bring to our event. It will not only streamline registration and credit card processing but also the interface with mylaps and our ability to immediately post results to our website,” said Roger Ruthhart, president of the Rock Island Grand Prix. “We would like to thank our friends at National Karting Alliance for helping to connect us with Raceday.”
Racers can go to, click on the link to the Competitor’s page and then the buttton to Online Registration.
Or they can go directly to  and create a personal account from which they can then enter the event.
Classes for 2016 include:
1. Yamaha SuperCan Medium (340 pounds)
2. Yamaha SuperCan Heavy 1 (360 pounds)
3. Yamaha SuperCan Heavy 2 (same tires)
4. B&S 206 Medium (350 pounds)
5. B&S 206 Heavy 1 (375 pounds)
6. B&S 206 Heavy 2 (same tires)
7. B&S 206 Masters (390 pounds)
8. Margay Ignite Shootout Senior (350 pounds)
9. Margay Ignite Shootout Junior (320 pounds)
10. Clone Medium (350 pounds)
12. Clone Heavy (375 pounds)
12. TAG Senior (350-380 pounds)
13. TAG Masters (380-400 pounds)
14. King of the Streets Open shifter (385-400 pounds)
15. Masters shifter (400-415 pounds)
16. Vintage -- Sportsman. B class engines; age 60+
17. Vintage – Mac. 80-100cc American fan cooled.
18. Vintage – Open. 100-135cc foreign engines and all dual engine karts.
Briggs & Stratton Racing is again providing a $100 discount to any racer who enters a second Briggs & Stratton LO206 class.  Racers entering a second discounted class should click on the $25 entry option for that class. Discounted entries are limited to one per driver.
Feedback on the registration process should be sent to Updated Supplemental Rules will be posted to the website shortly.

Press Release by: Karting Rock - 25/05/16

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