Details announced for the Fikse Wheel Driver Development Program

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Contingency program available for karters to earn cash from Fikse

Custom wheel manufacturer Fikse Wheels is pleased to announce details of their Driver Development Program. Known for giving back to the motorsports community, Fikse, along with company CEO & President Daryle Redlin, have come up with a unique program to teach the fundamentals needed to attain sponsorships at future levels of motorsports.

"My vision of the Fikse Wheels Driver Development Program is truly to help young drivers succeed," explains Redlin. "Asking for sponsorship is a skillset that must be learned, and a relationship must be cultivated. And in order for a sponsorship to be successful, effort must be put in by the driver for the sponsor to see the desired results."

The premise of the Fikse Wheels Driver Development program is simple: bring in an order of Fikse Wheels, whether retail or through a new dealer, and a driver will be automatically entered into the program.

"It can be as simple as approaching your mom and dad for an order," continues Redlin. "Or you can visit a local tire/wheel shop or a hot rod club and tell them about Fikse Wheels. Bring your kart, make a presentation - this will also expose more people to the karting industry. Either way, one single sale will get you into our program."

Once drivers complete a single sale, the contingency program will begin. Any Fikse Wheels Driver Development program member who podiums in a final at a national level karting event will earn cash: 1st place $300, 2nd place $200 and 3rd place $100. Up to ten races per calendar year will be eligible to earn cash awards. A copy of official results must be sent to Fikse Wheels to be verified. Any driver who completes one sale and enters the Fikse Wheels Driver Development Program within the next 30 days will receive a free K1 race suit, courtesy of Fikse and K1 RaceGear.

Additionally, every subsequent set of Fikse Wheels sold by a driver in the development program will earn a commission of $500.

"I can easily see a driver being able to raise enough money through our program to race an event like the US Open or SuperNationals," adds Redlin. "The program really is about engagement and offering something to your sponsor in exchange for their dollars. Learning to cultivate a relationship with your marketing partners at a young age will take you far in this sport. I am available to anyone who would like to learn more about sponsorship or about how to sell our wheels and make sales to support your racing."

About Fikse Wheels

While designing and building championship-winning race wheels is the core of everything done at Fikse, the knowledge that is gained from this is directly translated into their high performance street wheels. Fikse Wheels provide an unmatched advantage on the track and street: lightweight components, superior strength and stiffness, combined with ease of serviceability all combine to make Fikse Wheels the choice of champions and enthusiasts alike. Fikse has supplied teams in the Grand American Rolex Sports Car Series, Grand American Koni Challenge, American Le Mans, Speed World Challenge, the FIA Sports Car Series, and others around the world.

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Press Release by: Race Tech Development - 16/05/16

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