Ardigò and Corberi lead the first round of the European Champioship for KZ and KZ2 at Essay

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The Racing Team’s seasonal debut in the CIK-FIA competitions could not be better. In the opening competition of the European Championship reserved for the categories with the gear, KZ and KZ2, our drivers collected a fantastic double victory, actually Marco Ardigò and Luca Corberi who got up, deservedly, on the highest step of the podium. Both statements came at the end of a competition in which our chassis have shown great competitiveness and reliability.

KZ. The Racing Team has been working well since the heats and Ardigò finished with two top results, a second and a fourth place, jumping from the second row of the prefinal. Just the prefinal was particularly exciting in the early stages, when Marco has struggled with tough opponents such as De Conto, Iglesias and Dreezen, managing to overtake them in the second stage of the race.
In the final the Racer 401 powered by the Vortex RVZ engine of Marco Ardigò turned out to be perfect. Only in at half race our driver temporarily left the leadership of the race, for leading again the race from fifteenth lap until the chequered flag.
One of the critical points of the Essay weekend was the wear of tires employed. Our victory came also thanks to our material, able of fully taking advantage of the tires, without passing the limit.
Marcus Armstrong has collected points for the ranking, finishing the final in twelfth position.
Official KZ results:

KZ2. Since the qualifying the drivers behind the wheel of Tony Kart-Vortex chassis climbed on the podium. The pole was signed by Lorandi’s Tony Kart-Vortex (Baby Race Team), author of a formidable 56.773. At this time too, the "Green" Tony Kart chassis and drivers excelled in the top ten list, with not less than five. Our Luca Corberi and Alessio Piccini signed, respectively, the seventh and tenth timing.
In the qualifying heats Lorandi won a race and Corberi remained constantly at the top, closing the sequence of qualifyings in fourth place.
In the two prefinals it was clear that the main candidates for the title were Besancenez (2
nd place prefinal 1), Piccini (3rd place prefinal 1), Lorandi (3rd place prefinal 2), Schmitz (4th place prefinal 2) and Luca Corberi, best winner in the prefinal 2. 

Press Release by: Tony Kart Racing Team - 28/04/16

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