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Tony Kart Racing Team / CIK-FIA EUROPEAN KZ & KZ2 CHAMPS (ROUND 1)

• In Essay (France) the CIK-FIA European Championship reserved for KZ and KZ2 categories
is starting
• Our drivers are Ardigò and Armstrong in KZ and Piccini and Corberi in KZ2
• The European Championship will be scheduled on three rounds: Essay, Zuera and Genk for
KZ; Essay, Adria, Genk for KZ2.
• The European KZ championship is one of the highest worldwide challenges and the Racing
Team is the champion in force
• The event will be broadcast live on the official CIK-FIA TV channel
The European Championship reserved for categories with the gear, KZ and KZ2, is starting next weekend in
France. Essay track will inaugurate the first of the three rounds of the European championship, where we are
the defending champions in the master class, KZ, thanks to a formidable double win last season.
In the master class, defending our colours there will be Marco Ardigò and Marcus Armstrong, while KZ2 class
the Racing Team’s colours will be shown off by Luca Corberi and Alessio Piccini.
In KZ2 category the number of drivers at the wheel of the Racer 401 chassis powered by the Vortex RKZ
engine is substantial and qualified, moreover many are the international teams that have chosen our products
to compete at the top.
The European Championship, which takes place in France, promises to be exciting and intense, as usual,
opposing the best manufacturers and drivers of the world in this challenge. It is scheduled on three
competitions and includes the two classes, KZ and KZ2, as follows; after Essay, KZ class will be on track in
Zuera (SPA 12th-15th May) and Genk (BEL 28th – 31st July). KZ2 category will compete in the second round at
Adria (ITA 2nd- 5th June) and will end at Genk, together with KZ again.
The final phase of the CIK FIA event, with the prefinals and finals will be broadcast live in streaming on the
official CIK TV (http://www.cikfia.tv) Sunday, April 24th (11am prefinals - 13.30 finals).


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