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Following customer feedback and questions regarding the new MSA OK Championship, Strawberry Racing would like to clarify a number of points about the Vortex OK engines for the senior and junior classes.

  1. All OK engines come direct from the Vortex factory to Strawberry Racing (the official OTK importer for the UK). Each one is supplied with three seals and arrives from Italy in a sealed box. If your engine is delivered or sold over the counter by an OTK retailer, does not have the seals in place, Strawberry will replace the engine for another one.
In this way you can be sure that your engine is as supplied from the factory and has not been tampered with in any way.
  1. Once you have purchased your Vortex OK engine, anyone can maintain the engine for you. It DOES NOT have to be maintained by Strawberry Racing.
NB: Please ensure that when your motor is serviced and rebuilt that it confirms to the official championship fiche (
NB: It is advised that no parts of the motor are machined. For reference, a sample engine can be seen courtesy of the MSA and (Chief Scrutineer) Mr Paul Klaassen. 
  1. We would like to reassure ALL competitors, any Vortex OK DDS or DDJ engine hired to a customer, or used by a Strawberry Racing team driver, will be drawn by lottery on the first morning of each event at signing-on. This is done in the spirit of fair play and to further give assurance of parity and transparency.
NB: All engines supplied will be marked on the cylinder head, cylinder and crank case as a set, to prevent the substitution of components.
Also, Strawberry Racing will be happy to exchange any motor once during practice, should a competitor not be entirely happy with it. However, once exchanged, the original engine will not be returned.
  1. If individual drivers and/or their parents, team owners, engine preparation specialists, club officials or observers of the sport have any additional suggestions about how Strawberry Racing can give you increased confidence with regard to the new engines, then we 100% welcome them. Please call Warwick Ringham on 0114 288 9933 or email
Strawberry Racing’s Warwick Ringham says: “All we, and the OTK Kart Group, are trying to do is give everyone the chance to race in what, from 2016 forward, will be the pinnacle of  world karting. Our mission is to deliver this experience at an affordable price, with the same, if not better, reliability offered by current UK classes and rewards competitors with a faster and more fun driving experience. Not only that, a unique prize in top-flight karting; the chance to race as a factory driver at the World Championships, completely free of charge.”
He adds: “The OTK Kart Group has invested heavily in this class, in terms of time and money in developing this new generation of CIK engines and therefore wants to see it grow and carry on for years to come. They and Strawberry Racing are passionate about seeing OK succeed in the UK and understand that some people do have a few concerns and issues. That is why we have moved quickly to answer any questions and offer complete openness.”
For more information about the Vortex OK DD/DDJ engines plus the complete range of OTK karts, components and clothing, visit, call 0114 288 9933, or email

Press Release by: Strawberry Racing - 19/04/16

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