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The season has started, and we have collected thoughts and impressions from the paddock regarding the new minimum weight for the OK class. Is the new limit enough for everybody?

Once upon a time there was the KF class, now it’s time for the OK class: clutch, electric starter, electric wiring, battery and the front brakes have been removed. The engine displacement remains 125cc, but engines now are more powerful and, thanks to the removal of the front brakes and all the unessential engine components, the whole kart is much more lighter and responsive: the new minimum weight is 70 kg (without fuel) for the machine, and 145 kg for both driver and kart, driver’s safety equipment included. This means that, to comply with the minimum imposed by CIK, OK drivers should theoretically weight 75 kg with their racing equipment.

The minimum weight for karts is 70 kg, but generally they are heavier, so with this minimum weight, heavier drivers are penalized. What does the international paddock think about this new category and its related rules? We heard and collected different thoughts of some insiders and we will publish them on the next number of Vroom International (number 178), but now it is your turn: we cannot wait to hear your opinion!

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Photos: Davide Pastanella


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