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They have a Jumbo jet name but they are much much smaller and simpler too: we’re talking about the new Tecno 747T ignitions that have been recently homologated for the new OK engines that have been presented this year.

The Cik has presented two homologations this year from Tecno for the new ignition: one for the OK engines and the other for the OK Junior. Besides the homologation letters which is 16-A-24 and 36-A-24, other changes are the starter that determines the spark advance (set at up to 500 revs before the limit) and the number of max revs: green for 16,000 rpm in the first case and blue for 14,000 rpm in the Junior version.
The rest is all the same and as for the body of the stator made of magnesium and the fly wheel in aluminium where magnets have been integrated in the bores to make it easier to change if the need should arise.
One advantage is that the external steel crown, the one that gives the “signal” at pick-up, can be easily inverted by 180° on the flywheel: this way it is possible to satisfy both senses of rotation (depending on how the engine is mounted) with the same ignition and without having to have another homologation.
Among characteristics, the cylindrical coil seen mounted next to the cylinder in the pictures, the “automotive” connectors for the simplified wiring and their being put on sale only after the ignitions have been all tested on the test bench one by one.  

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