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The arrival of the new DDS, DDJ and RKZ engines sets the key goal of a first milestone and the beginning of a new challenge at the same time. Now, the technological challenge moves on track.

Vortex has officially launched the new range of engines for 2016. DDS and DDJ for the two new CIK categories, OK and OK Junior, and RKZ for the gearbox classes. Here's the official note.

With the homologation of the latest DDS and DDJ the phase of design and of research and development, in which all of our best human and technical resources have given their best to create new engines, is closing, ready to face the challenge on track, which has always seen us excel.
The quality of the DDS and DDJ projects, aimed at new OK and OKJ categories are several, actually they can keep innovation and research, directed towards solutions which we have already experienced before, winning. In particular, there is returns to direct drive while maintaining a displacement of 125 cc.
The RKZ is descendant of the multi-titled RVZ engine, World and European Champion already, which is the expression of the most refined evolution.
Our new engines, DDS, DDJ and RKZ were tested at the test bench and on the track; every solution adopted was approved after a thorough process of material selection and setup. The technical fiches summarize, and in part make understand the much Vortex effort, but now we look forward to the track challenge, to express ourselves to the maximum and to show the potential of our latest models.

Press Release by: Vortex - 18/12/15

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