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Team Morsicani will switch to CRG chassis from the next season for an ambitious national and international programme in categories OK, OK Junior, 60 Mini and Rok.

CRG announces that Team Morsicani will employ the several-times winning chassis of the Italian firm for its national and international activity from 2016 on.
The team led by Angelo Morsicani, one of the most important, appreciated and successful managers in karting, decided to switch to CRG chassis from season 2016 to run a particularly challenging and high level sporting programme.
The history of Team Morsicani features an important international showcase, that includes two CIK-FIA world titles with Spinelli in KF2 and Niceta in KF3. The team in the past has also had the current Formula 1 Red Bull driver Daniil Kvyat and current CIK-FIA KZ European Champion Flavio Camponeschi among its ranks.
From 2016, the team of Angelo Morsicani will compete in the CIK-FIA European and World Championships with CRG chassis in the new categories OK and OK Junior, as well as in the main international competitions and in the Italian Championship. Team Morsicani will also compete in category 60 Mini and in Rok Cup Championships.
The names of the drivers to become part of this new and ambitious programme of Team Morsicani by CRG will be announced shortly.


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