Hot action in Portimao for the first day’s heats

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The Rotax Grand Finals started to mean business on Thursday, with the first day’s heats making full use of the fantastic Portoguese weather.

As many as 16 heats were contested in the four categories (four for each class) with some great action, and some overanxious manoeuvres. A few too many crashes, more than we are used to see at the Grand Finals, spoilt the otherwise superb show on track. And if some went smooth at turn 1 (not particularly treacherous), some got tangled up at turn 2, trying a bit too hard way too soon.
The winners of the day:
Junior Max
Ropanen – FIN (Heat 1)
Thomas – GBR (Heat 2)
Venturi – FRA (Heat 3)
Thomas – GBR (Heat 4)
Senior Max
Besler – TUR (Heat 1)
Willemse – NLD (Heat 2)
Brand – GBR (Heat 3)
Alex – ITA (Heat 4)
Kancsar – HUN (Heat 1)
Bartoszuk – POL (Heat 2)
Kancsar – HUN (Heat 3)
Varley – UAE (Heat 4)
DD2 Masters
Guzzi – BRA (Heat 1)
Ollikainen – FIN (Heat 2)
Schiavo – USA (Heat 3)
Stephen – ZAF (Heat 4)


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