A memorable race at the World Championship in La Conca

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In the most important and complicated race of the year like the Karting World Championship held in an only round at the international circuit in Conca from September 23 to 27...

... where the pressure was really high, Sebastian Fernandez probably put in the best race he has ever raced in his young career.

We could say, a perfect weekend that started with a fantastic third place in qualifiers, just a few centimetres from pole position, Seba is second after the eliminating heats and gets pole position for prefinal start.
Great prefinal, he is brilliant and grabs win that places him on row one grid for the world championship KFJ final His only obstacle was starting in second place, on the external side of the track, a place that is quite penalising at La Conca because the first two turns both turn to the right and starting on the dirty left hand side of the track is a real challenge, so he drops places over the early laps of a very hard fought final where everyone was looking to win.
Seba remain cool and collected, with great maturity and determination his drive style is perfect, he gains places and climbs up to a fifth final place that is worth gold but with the awareness that if he had starter from the inside grid, podium and fight for win would have been within his reach!



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