This month we’re back to our roots, releasing a bumper issue to introduce the summer break, like in the old days. A slightly longer break than usual to recharge our batteries and get back with the right energy for a full speed dash leading to the final part of the season. Plenty of stuff to be entertained with on this issue though: Euro KF and KZ final reports, Asian Open Championship story, PCR track test, a look into carburettor tricks, only to mention some...


RACE REPORT - CIK-FIA European KF2/KF3 Championship
Nicolaj Moller Madsen graduates as KF2 European champion. Thus Energy centres its first continental title for the direct drive class, which combined with the KZ2 title that it already holds puts energy at the top of international races: congratulations to TM that powers the team and to the Belgian gks tuner. Britain’s Albon grabs European KF3 win, the Italians don’t do well, unlucky Fioravanti who had made us hope up to the prefinal.

Having moved from Piacenza to Lodi, the historic Pcr brand is relaunched with Cesare Speranza. Production continues, especially in the field of chassis: so we tested the reference model, Advance, on the track, both in a SuperKF and KZ configuration, for ourselves, with the help of an official driver, Simo Puhakka.

RACE REPORT - CIK-FIA European KZ1/KZ2 Championship
While waiting for immediate measures to be taken by CIK to protect the KZ cadet category, the low entries of registered drivers in Varennes was evident, but races were nonetheless very combative and exciting.

RACE REPORT – Asian Karting Open Championship
Maddox driver Richard Bradley, busy in Formula BMW Pacific series, joins AKOC regional championship and dominates the opening round in Carmona City against 24 hard Asian drivers.

ON THE TECHNICAL SIDE - Float type carburettor accused
Regulations say that float type carburettors can’t be modified and must use the original components and original settings. Yet, seeing the difficulty in the tests, in some classes anarchy reigns…

S.O.S. KARTING - Brakes
Here we are going to take a look at brakes and all those idiocies seen on the track during my, although brief, career as driver-mechanic.

TALKING TO – Beitske Visser
Beitske Visser, 15 year old driver from the Netherlands, is without the shadow of a doubt the revelation of 2010 racing season. Fast, determined, and daring, Beitske has so far deserved the attention of media and talent scouts alike, hitting a fantastic string of successes at her debut season in KZ2.

SPECIAL – Formula C
One of the most beautiful and technically exciting classes in karting was the 125 Formula C: a trampoline for great champions and genial mechanical engineers. A journey in the past to discover possible changes for the future…

Economic conditions in the United States have seriously impacted kart racing, as they have most recreational activities. Yet despite all of the gloom and doom, there are also some success stories, trying to build on the long-term.

A month of great racing across Europe. Starting from Germany, where the national championship titles have already been awarded with one round to go. We got news from Portugal national championship; Denmark’s busy weekend with the Danish Superkart and Rotax Challenge; Poland’s championship and Easykart Cup; and Australian CIK Stars of Karting round 3 weekend.

COLUMNS – Mondokart & September/October national calendar
The news section features a preview of the CIK-FIA U18 World Championship round 1 held in Wackersdorf, Germany in late July, and Rotax Euro Challenge round 3 held in Pachfurth, Austria. Full report and pictures will feature in Vroom October issue. We end with our usual column dedicated to national racing calendars, this time double the size, as it contains September and October events... a total of 72 races from 22 countries across the world.

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