DR Racing protagonist in La Conca

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Great performance by Artem Petrov on DR with Tm engine in the World KFJ Championship final. The fast Russian takes the fight to the Otk/Vortex bunch.

DR Racing, the team of 5-time World Champion Danilo Rossi, was protagonist of the World KFJ Championship held in Muro Leccese on September 27 with Russian driver Artem Petrov, 6th at the chequered flag. The sixth place finish confirms the skill of the driver and the competitiveness of the DR chassis powered by Tm, the first chassis after five Otk with Vortex engine. After stopping the 20th fastest time in qualifying, the Russian recovered well in the heats, and had it not been for an incident at the start of one of the heats, he would have started the prefinal from the top positions on the grid. In the prefinal he was again protagonist recovering from 9th to 4th. And then in the final, he managed to lap in the 46"3 like the fastest in the race. 
Positive performance also by the other Russian Nikita Aleksandrov (15th) and Lithuanian Justas Jonusis (26th) both making it to the final 34 out of the almost 100 entries.


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