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Shennington SuperPrix

Shennington SuperPrix

Shenington SuperPrix and MSA E Plate 18-19 July 2015

Televised for MotorsTV and enjoying great weather the inaugural MSA E Plate championships had been awarded to Shenington’s annual SuperPrix meeting, the 15th running of the event.  Two large marquees host the pig roast and live music on Saturday, the other the extensive exhibition of karts from the British Historic Kart Club with the Karting Legends sharing an awning with a four Radical Sportscars.  Some hundred historic and classic karts from the birth of karting were on display and most demonstrated on the track during the lunch breaks and evenings. A total of 215 drivers entered the event, and at the prizegiving the ever green racing driver Barrie (Whizzo) Williams presented the prizes.  Williams’ father made Fastakarts in the fifties and sixties and he first shot to prominence with a Welsh Rally win in 1964.
The MiniMax race had Owen Byatt and Tommy Foster break away from the rest, with Thomas Edmunds the nearest.  Byatt was all over the back of Foster for the last two laps as the leader strongly defended.  Going into the chicane Byatt attempted a pass, the two karts collided but Byatt managed to extract himself in time to win.  Foster dropped to 12th and Edmunds to the back, leaving Max Fenlon and Evan Cook on the podium.
For Junior Max, Charlie Cudlipp and Adam Smalley traded the lead with the latter making his winning pass at the Stratford hairpin on the last lap. Kieran Wragg held off James White for third.  In the concurrent Junior X30 final (not eligible for the E), Arran Mills was in a class of his own putting a 3.5s gap on the battle between Alex Spinks, Billy Matlock and Charlie Webster.
Junior TKM is always one of the club’s most popular classes where Matthew Taylor led the first half of the final until Sam Fowler took over and defended building a large queue of karts.  Some frustration boiled over at the Wilkins hairpin when Ross Deal and Jordan Lee Chapman were sidelined but allowing local driver Matthew Graham to jump into fifth.  Going into the penultimate lap Taylor regained the lead with a contentious pass over Fowler, Suzanne Gutzold having kept third for most of the race.
In the IAME Cadet Leonardo Panayiotou started with a big lead but was reeled in by Jamie Mead and Caden McQueen working together.  McQueen took over at the front with Panayiotou temporarily demoted to third but soon working his way back to win from a pass at Stratford hairpin.  The last lap re-shuffle saw him followed over the line by Matthew Rees, Mead, McQueen and Connor Kearney.  
Next on the card was Honda Cadet, the largest class of the weekend having a B Final which was won by Joshua Patterson from Thomas Mills. In the A Final Keaton Samra quickly took Alex Lloyd for second to break away with leader Oliver Clarke.  Despite his best efforts Samra could not find a gap in Clarke’s winning defence.  Lloyd was caught by the next pack and demoted to sixth in favour of Ben Kasperczak, Luke Whitehead and Guy Cunnington.  Whitehead was awarded the Rixon Driver of the Day trophy for his achievement of making up 15 places.
Unlike most of the classes, the TKM Clubman budget class were racing for the SP unique Shenington plate instead of the E and Liam Wilson led most of the way over firstly Michael Green and then Colin Morris. Max Goldsmith rolled his kart at Wilkins trying to get a re-pass on Dave Brinkley, both out.  On the last lap Morris dived inside at Café corner, they ran out side by side but Wilson half spun on the grass leaving Morris to win.  Tom Longfield picked up second place but was excluded as he was under the class weight, so Green inherited that with Wilson next.
James Ogden and Jack Griffiths diced hard for the TKM Extreme lead, swapping some five or six times.  But they touched and both fell behind new leader Michael Eastwell and Kye Springfield, their positions soon reversing.  Ogden battled back to the front but another collision this time with Eastwell allowed Griffiths avoid the carnage to take the win over Matthew Haughton and Springfield, Eastwell delayed to sixth.  Ogden was excluded for driving standards.
In the senior Rotax Max final Rayaan Williams gradually hauled in the massive gap to James Johnson.  With the leader passing a backmarker allowed Williams to get very close, but he then clipped a second backmarker and lost time leaving Johnson to win.
One of only two senior X30, Lucas Vaus carved through the Max field from the back to win his class.  The gearbox classes rounded out the weekend, first the 210 National where the reigning champion Luke Plain was untouchable with a 4s win.  Tom Whyte slipped back from second in favour of Paul Fowler only for Dan Bury to speed up to second.  But he too encountered problems, falling to fifth just in front of his father Tony whilst Matt Cardwell found pace for second place over Tom Whyte and Stephen Plain.  In the 125cc KZ UK race David Baldwin quickly took James Glenister for the lead, leaving Glenister to fight off a challenge from Dan Kelly.  But as Kelly missed a gearchange, Sarah Jane Budby tried to battle past at one of the fastest parts of the circuit leaving Kelly in the tyre wall and the lady driver delayed to eighth.  That freed up Glenister to make a winning pass on Baldwin and kept him at bay for the remaining two laps. Matt Sherwen came up to third.
Richard Morris kept James Hassall honest throughout the 250 National final but was still over a second in arrears with Alex Burrows fighting back to take third place following a heat exclusion.  Race driver Rob Wheldon was having his first outing in a 250 kart, finishing eleventh.
1 Owen Byatt (Kosmic); 2 Max Fenlon (Tonykart); 3 Evan Cook (Tonykart)
Junior Max
1 Adam Smalley (Tonykart); 2 Charlie Cudlipp (Tonykart); 3 Kieran Wragg (Tonykart)
Junior X30
1 Arran Mills (); 2 Alex Spinks (Tonykart); 3 Billy Mattock (Mad-Croc)
Junior TKM
1 Matthew Taylor (Tonykart); 2 Sam Fowler (Jade); 3 Suzanne Gutzold (Tonykart)
IAME Cadet
1 Leonardo Panayiotou (Zip); 2 Matthew Rees (Synergy); 3 Jamie Mead (Shark)
Honda Cadet
1 Oliver Clarke (BRK); 2 Keaton Samra (Zip); 3 Ben Kasperczak (BRK)
TKM Clubman
1 Colin Morris (ARC); 2 Michael Green (Tonykart); 3 Liam Wilson (Tonykart)
TKM Extreme
1 Jack Griffiths (Jade); 2 Matthew Haughton (Tonykart); 3 Kye Springfield (Tonykart)
Senior Rotax Max
1 James Johnson (Kosmic); 2 Rayaan Williams (Formula K); 3 Sam Stansbury (Tonykart)
210 National
1 Luke Plain (Anderson); 2 Matt Cardwell (ADE); 3 Tom Whyte (Anderson)
1 James Glenister (Tonykart); 2 David Baldwin (Energy); 3 Matt Sherwen (Sodi)
250 National
1 James Hassall (Jade); 2 Richard Morris (Jade); 3 Alex Burrows (Jade)

By Graham Smith

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