VROOM n.111 JULY 2010

Back from the boiling hot French circuit of Varennes, host to the final round of the European KZ championships, we headed on to complete July issue with a preview of the event. Only a preview though, as this issue is packed with great racing, from the Viking Trophy to the Suzuka World Cup and the Rotax Euro Challenge in Wackersdorf, plus 20 odd pages of national races from around the world. But don’t miss the technical part: we unveil a “wily piston” for KZ, and we also x-ray Maxter and TM KZ engines.


RACE REPORT - CIK-FIA Viking Trophy for KF2/KF3/KZ2
The 20th Viking Trophy, hosted in Sweden, at the new Lidköping track. Viktor Oberg, finds a long-awaited win for PDB in the gearbox class, while Italsport’s Kevin Munkholm on Birel/Bmb hits his second consecutive Viking Trophy in KF2. His fellow countryman Nicolas Beer dominated in KF3.

ON THE TECHNICAL SIDE - KZ alarm: a “wily piston”
A simple bench test to see a new profile of the piston and what we get is something that is enough to create some confusion in the KZ class: you could use advantageously engines not in norm (compression ratio) without risks. Let’s see how…

X-RAY - KZ technical comparison: Maxter and TM
Maxter and TM engines, latest homologation are the ones to get best results in the most fought KZ class. We have compared them to see what experts from the two factories have done to improve their engines…

RACE REPORT - CIK-FIA World Cup for SKF/KF1 & Asia-Pacific KF2 Championship
43 entries in all for what not so long ago used to be the first ‘heavy’ title of the season, for manufacturers and top drivers alike. Unfortunately, the Suzuka World Cup went down the record as another demise of CIK events, torrential rain did not help either...

RACE REPORT - Rotax Euro Challenge Rnd.2
It was an exciting round 2 at the ProKart Raceland circuit in Wackersdorf, where the championship returned once again to be faced with the crazy weather that we’ve become accustomed to this year.

IN THE FOCUS - Lee Mitchener
Lee Mitchener claimed an outstanding victory at the Bruno Grana X30 event leading home the defending champion to claim the X30 Gentleman class victory.

SPECIAL - How to cope with the heat
Never before have we had to be so wary of the sudden change in temperature. As always in this period, we have some suggestions for changes that you can make to your diet to help prevent heatstroke and post-race traumas.

VINTAGE - History of the 135 Formula K
For nearly 10 years the World Championship dedicated to the top direct drive class was raced with 135 cc engines. With its failure, a class that was born dead that, in one way or another, overwhelmed factories and drivers.

The heat is on in England, as the Super One championship stops in Rowrah. The BNL Series stops in Genk for its second round, while the Finns hit the track at Pori for the opening round of the national championship. Plus Germany, Portugal and Poland moving on to the second round, while Japan finding a new winner in Sugo.

COLUMNS – Mondokart & August national and international calendar
We open up with some suggestions on how to make 2011 a successful season. Before we see the result of it, we must head to Castelletto on Pista 7 Laghi for the Industry Trophy, scheduled on 6-7 November. End of July is the right time to head to Poland for the 3rd Easykart European Grand Finals. Last but not least, you get a preview of the final round of the European KZ1-KZ2 Championship... to end with August national calendars - 67 events from 25 countries across the world, as well as 7 major international championship races.

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