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Day One Of Larkhall Superone Action

Day One Of Larkhall Superone Action

A day of mixed weather made for some interesting racing in Scotland for the first day of Larkhall Superone

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Championship leader Jonny Edgar qualified on pole with team-mate Joseph Taylor behind him and Dexter Pattinson in third. In heat one, Edgar led for most the race before Pattinson who had got past Taylor took the lead and finished in first, leaving Edgar to take 2nd and Taylor in 3rd. Edgar had a disappointing end to the 2nd heat, after leading most the race, then dropping to 2nd but then finishing 9th. Pattinson took 1st, Harry Thompson finished in 2nd after an impressive drive from 12th and Taylor Barnard finished in 3rd which is the order they will start in for final one tomorrow.
Jade driver Angus Fender qualified 1st in Junior X30 with Phillip Hanson in 2nd and Harry Platten in 3rd. Fender was given a 5 place penalty in heat one, leaving Hanson to take the win, Platten in 2nd and Ethan Pitt finished in 3rd. There was some excellent racing and were many place changes in heat 2 but it was Scottish driver Jack Gordon who came out on top with Pitt in 2nd and Platten in 3rd. Platten starts on pole for final one tomorrow, with Pitt in 2nd and Hanson in 3rd.
In Honda Cadet, Ben Fayers qualified on pole, followed by Harry Thomson only 2 tenths behind and Oliver Clarke in 3rd. Fayers got a bad start in heat one, leaving Thomson to take the lead, however Clarke managed to get past on the last lap and took the win, Thoemson in 2nd and Keaton Samra finished in 3rd. Thomson led almost all heat 2 and took the win in this race, Clarke finished just 0.05s behind in 2nd and Dragan Pinsent finished in 3rd. Thomson starts on pole for final on tomorrow, Clarke in 2nd and Samra starts in 3rd.
Adam Glear qualified 1st in the KZ1 class, with Henry Easthorpe in 2nd and Sam Webster in 3rd. Easthorpe passed Glear at the start of the race and went on to win. Glear finished just 0.38s behind him and Shaun Slavin finished in 3rd. Easthorpe came out on top again in heat 2 with a superb lead over Slavin and Glear. Easthorpe starts on pole for final one ahead of Glear and Slavin in 3rd .
James Ogden was quickest in qualifying out of the 7 TKM Extremes, with Kyle Sproat in 2nd and Al Paterson in 3rd. Ogden and Sproat remained in these positions in heat one but it was Matt England who took 3rd. Ogden won the 2nd heat with Paterson in 2nd and Sproat in 3rd. Ogden starts on pole in final one tomorrow, Sproat in 2nd and Paterson in 3rd.
Dean Hale qualified 1st in Senior x30 just a tenth ahead of Jamie Flynn and Josh Collings. Hale won heat one with Flynn in 2nd but it was Malin who finished in 3rd after passing Collings halfway though the race.  Flynn took the win in heat 2 with Hale in 2nd and Collings in 3rd. Hale will be on pole for the first final tomorrow with Flynn next to him on the grid and Collings behind in 3rd.
Qualifying was extreamly close in Junior TKM but it was Flex driver Susanne Gutzold who qualified 1st after having the same best lap time as second place Sam Fowler, the result was based on their 2nd best lap time where Gutzold was 3 one hundreths faster. Abbi Pulling qualified 3rd. Gutzold won heat one after a battle with Ryan Edwards In which he took the lead for a couple of laps  before dropping to 4th which is where he finished. Abbi Pulling finished in 2nd and Matthew Taylor in 3rd. Heat 2 was won by Jack Davidson, Matthew Graham in 2nd and Lee Whittingham finished in 3rd after starting 13th. Welsh Champion, Ryan Edwards starts on pole for tomorrows final one with Taylor in 2nd and Guzold in 3rd.
All results can be seen here

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