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CIK, MSA and Circuit Matters

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CIK, MSA and Circuit Matters
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CIK Matters

The new version of the 2015 CIK front fairing was said to be a big improvement but the karts have to be monitored as they come in off the circuit.

There will be a trial in the UK soon, and tests against the MSA steel bumper. Proposals for introduction early next year in non‐gearbox Junior and Senior classes will be put to Kart Committee for ratification along with appropriate sporting regulations for penalties. There is no proposal to introduce into gearbox karting next year. Clearly there will be a cost to the competitor in the short term, but in the long term a big saving is anticipated due to less accident and pushing damage to the front fairing. We recommend that if a driver is replacing a front fairing (and the bumpers) then they should consider buying the new type if not already fitted to the kart. They could still use the old non‐detachable bracket until March next year. The new ‘OK’ CIK engines will have a demonstration at the CIK European Championship meeting being held at PF International in June. They have no clutch, electric start or battery and need a push with the engine decompressor active to make that an easy task. The proposed CIK technical regulations are available on their website and will cost €2500 plus vat complete with ancillaries. The CIK have also proposed a new Intermediate class for 11 – 13 year olds using the 950mm Cadet type chassis. That discussion will go the next World Council.  
MSA Matters
The MSA’s new Child Safeguarding Policy has been published and is available to download from the MSA website. Clubs should note the need to have Child Protection as a standing item on their committee agendas in future and the need for the Club’s Child Safeguarding Officer to complete a checklist for every event. Clubs can share a Child Safeguarding Officer or have more than one. There are helpful flow charts available from the MSA and this will be backed up with various explanatory fliers in the near future. The Judicial Trial is on‐going and proposals for next year will be put to Kart Committee. Discussions have been held about arrangements for the new National Championships due for application in 2016 and commencing in 2017. Eligible direct drive Junior and Senior classes are Rotax, TKM and X30. All junior and senior direct drive classes have to re‐homologate for 2017, and there is the opportunity for new classes to apply in the same way that X30 was introduced in 2014. If the class is too small or no homologation application is received it will be included in Clubman (for low power) or Libre. In the very near future the MSA will be issuing a tender for the 2017 Cadet tyre. The successful applicant has to provide tyres to manufacturers of Cadet chassis mid summer next year, so they can use them in trials for the 2017 Cadet chassis homologation. Discussions are continuing about how to work with various years of homologation for bodywork and the associated steelwork. Proposals will be put to the next Council that the steel front and side bumpers can be interchanged if the manufacturer confirms they are identical even with different homologation numbers, and on an MSA approved list. Generic regulations for Clubman (previously called Tyro) and Formula Libre are expected to be published imminently. A minimum driver weight is proposed for Cadet drivers, probably set at 27kg, and will be coupled with the opportunity for waivers to remain in Bambino if the driver is not big enough. An application for Max 177 to be eligible for special plates like O and E is being put forward. All gearbox karts whether long or short circuit will need to have valve caps fitted in 2016 onwards. The ruling on gearbox Nassau panels or ‘Bubbles’ is also being revised as is the gearbox rear bumper regulations. This is because there have been instances of a front fairing going under the rear bumper of a kart and preventing braking, leading to a serious accident. Bambino karts may have to conform to a minimum weight next year. All new proposed regulations will be published for consultation on the MSA website so clubs and competitors should check regularly. 
Circuit matters
We started with the usual round up of recent circuit visits by members. Reports were of good meetings for the big championships ‐ the CIK European and Kart Grand Prix at Donington and the Super One at Buckmore Park which offered a massive welcome to the participants. Some reported an increase in some classes – Max 177 was one such quoted – and a downturn in some others. IKR meetings are getting good entries and the F100 championship was cited as a massive success. However overall the MSA meetings are down on participants this year compared with last, and our efforts during the meeting were directed to getting back market share. The MSA General Secretary Simon Blunt was present for the governing body and he had recently visited Shenington and Forest Edge. He found many examples of the traditional ‘Dad and Lad’ entrants. He said the MSA needs to take the lead on the initiative to licence teams and mechanics. Some concerns were raised about the extra cost and complexity at club meetings but this was countered by the need for all involved with racing to be accountable, especially those going on live areas such as the dummy grid. It was said that many ‘mechanics’ are under the age of 18 themselves and therefore minors themselves.
Another issue is the need for professional teams to be properly insured and carry out appropriate risk assessments. Apparently the UK is about the only country that does not insist on teams being licenced, and some like France will only allow licenced mechanics on the grid. The ABkC is also working with the BKIA on an update for the Teams’ Charter.
The new Vortex, TM and IAME prototype ‘OK’ Engines 

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