From its maiden edition, the new CIK-FIA “U18” Karting World Championship will benefit from major television exposure as it will be covered by Eurosport 2.

The thematic sports channel will indeed dedicate a 26-minute magazine to each of the three rounds of the “U18” World Championship.

The Championship events will take place at Wackersdorf in Germany (25 July), Alcaniz in Spain (29 August) and Val d’Argenton in France (3 October).

This new prestigious Karting competition is aimed at promoting young Drivers between 15 and 18 years old through an FIA World Championship in which costs will be rigorously limited (in particular thanks to the free allocation of engines and tyres to all participants!) and which will encompass a groundbreaking pedagogical training.

“With this new concept of ’U18’ World Championship," explained the CIK President, Nicolas Deschaux, the FIA is clearly displaying the importance it attaches to Karting and to its positioning as an ideal introduction formula to high-level motor sports. And introduction formula means young people, accessibility and education. This World Championship has the necessary potential to refocus Karting on its most renowned virtue, namely the fact of being the school of tomorrow’s greatest automobile champions. Having the Eurosport Group on our side in this undertaking is an essential asset, both for the young participants and for Karting as a whole: everyone will benefit by an ambitious and quality media showcase.”

“Eurosport’s commitment to motor sports is rooted in the history and in the daily life of our channels," added Géraldine Filiol, Deputing Managing Director of the Eurosport Group and Managing Director of Eurosport Events. "The undertaking to introduce through Karting those who will be the champions of the future is therefore natural. The concept of this CIK-FIA World Championship focused on young Drivers is appealing: for our public at large, it has curiosity value in addition to the spectacular character of Karting races.”



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