Laura Tillett tells us about the Tony Kart Junior Racing Team

Laura Tillett is the young driver that just after a few competitions in the master class, SKF category, made herself conspicuous deserving to be called to defend Tony Kart and Vortex’s colours.

She got her début on the occasion of WSK Euro Series’ competition in Genk, under the expert eye of Paul Spencer, the Tony Kart Junior Racing Team’s Manager. With this success, anyone has great expectations on her.

Laura, tell us about your Tony Kart Junior Racing Team’s experience.
“I’m enjoying and doing a good experience. They all are wonderful and practiced, they help me a lot and I quick learn whatever has to be learnt, from driving tricks, chassis, setup of chassis to race arrangements. I am improving, my acknowledge of karting is much more higher and it makes the difference when I’m racing. Paul (Spencer – Tony Kart Junior Racing Team) is excellent, very positive, encourages and helps me a lot.
In the case the result of a race is not how that he was expecting to be, he comforts me by saying that the next competition will be better and looks ahead. I am very proud to take part in a team where English is the common spoken language, it facilitates a lot of things, moreover I can also enjoy and laugh”.

Which is your target? 
“I began the season with this team in a good manner and I expect to achieve a podium. Yes. It is an important goal to be reached, maybe within the end of the year, on the occasion of America or Egypt competitions and why not, even before, in Portugal! I feel to be fast enough to get it!
Concerning next year, I hope to constantly improve my driving skills and learn a lot by as many expert drivers as possible like my team mates from the Tony Kart Racing Team are, Catt and Ardigò”.

This is your first season in SKF category, what do you think about this new class?
It is a really high professional category, all drivers respect themselves and do not race unfairly. If you race ahead and accelerate competitors do not push you, as on the other hand it happens in KF2 category. Many things can be learnt because there are a lot of drivers, and comparisons with last year can not be made.”

How did you get in touch with Tony Kart?
“It all began in Zuera, where I met Mr. Robazzi and he offered me the opportunity to race with his team. First I got shocked, I could not believe that a team as Tony Kart, a top level one, could choose right me. It was like a dream, only the morning after when I waked up I realized it was not”.

What do you think about Racer EVR and Krypton KRX chassis?
“They are simply fantastic!”

And what about Vortex RAD engine?
“I adore it. I instantly got confident with it and I dare say there’s nothing better than it. It is very reliable and competitive.”

What did media say as regards your agreement with Tony Kart?
“A lot of people was surprised because on last year I was not really competitive. They thought that I got this opportunity with only one good race in Lonato. But I was often racing ahead, nobody saw it, and I got down to it.”

What do you have in mind about your future?
“I’d love to stay in Tony Kart, with Paul’s team, to improve and win the SKF and… wish I became a top driver”

Any news concerning your competitive sporting plans?
“I am also going to race in the World Series and at present I do not know whether I will participate in other races, we haven’t spoken about it yet, we will see. We have to well plan the commitments.”

Since you were born you’ve been living in the karting scene, your father is an appreciated and esteemed character in the field thanks to his excellent design and production of seats and other karting components.
“Yes indeed, I was given to birth in this world and since I was two I already wanted to race, my father supported me and that is why at seven I took the final decision and began.”


Created by: admin - 15/06/10

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