TALKING TO – Mariza Renaudie
Mariza Renaudie talks to us about the New Swiss Hutless, its return to the racing world after a year of...transition and lots more.
FROM KART TO F1 – Alonso and Kubica national heroes
Vroom has closely followed the career of these two drivers since their early karting days. They are talented drives, obviously we had no idea that they would have eventually been ambassadors for their native country. Thanks to Alonso, karting in Spain has woken up and hopes are high for the future, while Kubica is the national standard bearer, the first Polish driver to step over into F1.
TALKING TO – Franck Lagorge
Franck Lagorce, “Capitaine de l’Equipe de France de Karting”, has gone from karting to F1 and back, with the task of finding, selecting and breeding the next generation of professional drivers. He talked to us about his role in the FFSA, the French federation.
TECNOLOGY – Continuous expansion
It hasn’t been very easy o fix this new appoinment for the factory, but this wasn’t at all Eligio Torreggiani’s (Elto owner) fault.
TALKING TO – Muffler Man
They may look simple, but you need high technology and continuous collaboration with engine manufacturers.
SPECIAL KARTING WEAR – Boots and gloves driving instruments
If you find it difficult to choose a suite, I assure you that it isn’t easy to choose gloves and boots either...
TRACK TEST – Strong character
RACE REPORT – KZ1 World Cup, KZ2- KZ3 European Championship
NATIONS – Usa, England, Hungary,Brazil, Denmark, Japan
CARTOON – “Bad Influence”





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