VROOM INTERNATIONAL 77 – September 2007

PRACTICAL SIDE – You always change
One of the most important parts of engine is the speed gear, of which you can find different types. The performance of karts used for the 125 KZ class depends on how the speed gear works, how reliable it is and in the right choice of gear. The speed gear in karting engines is the constant mesh type with front coupling, it is also an evident example of a sequential speed gear, which is an aspect on which we want to focus our attention.
TALKING TO – Steve Lewis
Producer of the PRI Trade Show and publisher of PRI magazine shares the secrets of his success. From his first trade show featuring about 175 exhibitors, today the PRI is the showcase for products made by over 1.400 exhibitors.
SPECIAL KARTING WEAR – Is the future already upon us?
We have already seen particular details concerning karting suits in previous issues, this time we will take a look at the latest ideas and designs for van products- fibres and material used- at the basis of the longed for Level 3 homologation.
TRACK TEST – They’re here too! “ The fantastic 125”
This is an era that’s been marked with an evolutional change for the new KF classes. The new homologation for the new 125 – gear class, ex ICC and now KZ, has almost passed unnoticed. So off we go to see how a couple of these new engines, which some define as “fantastic”, actually work on the field in Lonato: the Maxter MXV (mounted on CRG chassis) and a TM K9c (mounted on a Birel chassis).
RACE REPORT – KF1 – KF2 European, Championship, Open Masters, Rotax Euro Challenge.
NATIONS – Spain, England, Usa, Argentina, Australia, Japan, New Zeland.
CARTOON – “Ridiculous”





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