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Paul Fletcher's open letter on the future of KF

Paul Fletcher's open letter on the future of KF
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The legendary owner of PF International shares his views on how the future of KF should look like, if it is to survive.

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In an open letter recently sent to Vroom, one of the legends of British and international Karting and owner of PF International circuit, Paul Fletcher highlights the reasons for demise of KF classes, and the elements that, if fixed, would mean its resurgence.

First, Paul evaluates the weak points of the current configuration.
"I have read many letters and articles regarding problems with the KF Class and I don't understand why they cannot see the reason for its decline.
Three things have killed the class nationally and reduced it considerably internationally.
1. Front wheel braking on karts
2. Water pump in the engine
3. Power valve

In his reasoning, Fletcher goes on making a comparison between the solutions found by the CIK and the manufacturers and the direct drive class that is currently proving particularly successful in the UK.
"The removal of the battery and electrics and the introduction of the decompression valve so we can have direct drive is a very good idea but those have not caused the problem. The Iame X30 is now becoming the dominant class in the UK and many other countries and they have electrics and clutch but has no front wheel brakes, no power valve and no internal water pump.

The final statement is a powerful insight on the how to save CIK direct-drive racing.
"I suggest that for the new homologation we should have, in the same races, 125cc engines with power valve, if you must have them, and 175cc engines without power valve both on 17,000 RPM maximum, no water pump in the engine, no front wheel brakes on the Karts. This is the CIK's last chance if they don't get it right this time, it's finished."

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