TALKING TO – Paul Spencer
Strawberry Team Forever
- Mike Wilson  A lesson to remember
Six times World Champion Mike Wilson gives some tips on how to be successful in karting during his seminar at the Chicago Expo International.
DEFEATS THAT STING – A flying filter for KosmiSauroTex
1999 Season: Cesetti and Kosmic are a breath away from the world title that they truly deserved. And, it wasn’t just by chance that Vroom, back then, drew the readers attention to the “KosmiSaurotex” , a dangerous predator ready to gobble up his rivals! But in Mariembourg, the dream vanished into thin air...
CELEBRETY OF THE MONTH – Acà toro...Genis has no pity! No forgiveness Running Genikart, Genis Marco is the youngest and most promising team manager. For two years now he’s also been official Alonso Kart supplier, of whom he’d been a long – standing promoter.
THESIS & COUNTER - THESIS – Shafts against roots
Thesis & Antithesis continues to look into the new components used by the KF, and to which karters will have to get used to. After the exhaust valve and ignition, this time we will take a look at the counter shaft, evaluated by two exceptional experts: Carlo Boscolo and Umberto Merlin.
RACE REPORT – Sparks in the darkness
Round one of the Open Masters championship was held in Sarno, was somewhat influenced by the weather, especially on the Sunday when final were held under floodlights.
- KZ2 Dream race
Curtains falls on the first meeting of the WSK International Series. Exciting races on a wonderful sunny day, a normal Sunday event...Apparently.
-Rotax Euro Challenge
On a white Sologne Karting circuit, British, Dutch and French drivers leave nothing to the rest. And although the temperatures plummeted across Europe that week, the competition was hotter than ever.
NATIONS – Portugal, England, Japan,Germany, Brazil, Belgium
CARTOON – “Tired snail”





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