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SURVEY - New KF engines and KZ vs KZ2: what do you think?

SURVEY - New KF engines and KZ vs KZ2: what do you think?
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Survey of the month: KZ1 vs KZ2 and the future KF.

We believe it is appropriate to involve you, our readers, to understand what you think of the 2016 KF engine - on which the CIK is betting to try to revitalize the promotion of direct-drive classes - as well as hearing from you on the need to differentiate KZ from KZ2, giving each back the role that it deserves. Particularly for KZ2, which used to be key in producing and nurturing talents taking them from the national stage to the international one, thereby creating the necessary breeding ground for the future of KZ, the top class in karting for quality and performance.
We do have an opinion on this, but it is essential to know yours. So we created two surveys, one for the KF and the other for the gearbox class.
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