New front fairing mounting kit compulsory as of May

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After announcing the solution to the lack of safety resulting from the original drooping front fairing a few weeks ago, the CIK presents the design of the new mounting kit that will be compulsory for all CIK races as of May.

Here's the official communication released by the CIK announcing the new design.

"After thorough on-track testing, in varied situations reflecting race conditions as closely as possible, the CIK-FIA has now validated the new definition of the front fairing mounting kit in a bid to institute greater sportsmanship and respect in karting Competitions by punishing bad behaviour.


As from Monday 4 May 2015, the front fairing mounting kit as defined in CIK-FIA Bulletin N° 40 – 04/05-2015 must therefore be used on all categories of karts taking part in CIK-FIA Competitions and in all other international Competitions.


For further information, please refer to CIK-FIA Bulletin N° 40 – 04/05-2015, which cancels and replaces the previous version. (see attachment)"


Stay tuned!
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