VROOM INTERNATIONAL 70 – February 2007

DEDICATED TO – Eager- beaver
Ernest Buser died after a long illines, on 16th January in Genolier (CH), about ten kilometres from his home. We remember him warmly, he was Cik-Fia President for several years, and since 1978 into the second millennium, he worked hard with constant determination to improve the image of international karting.
ENGINES SPECIAL – Highly powerfull
The new engines are quite similar, but there are interesting diffrences.
MOTORSHOWS SPECIAL – The idea is lower cost
Birmingham and Offenbach
TALKING TO – Carlton and Neal
From the USA to WSK.. US 2006 ICC Champion Gary Carlton and JICA driver Jacob Neal came all the way from California to test with CRG at the tracks of La Conca and Ugento in preparation of the WSK and Open Masters.
ALFANO – History of a successful business
A unique programme
TRACK TEST – The east wind
It may sound strange for us, but in fact it’s from 1992 that good karts are being made in the Czech karts that are very competitive in international races too, especially in direct drive classes. We’re talking about MS kart that thanks to an importer, Galiffa, we’ve been able to test it for ourselves at the circuit in Val Vibrata.
BENCH TEST – Change Of Orders
Displacement and other things besides, analogies aren’t lacking.
SPECIAL NATIONS – Germany, Portugal and Brasil
NATIONAL RACING – Here comes the rain again
Despite overnight rain, the sun helped to dry the circuit, till the next shower...
CARTOON - "Too short"



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