WSK: CRG, the Best Known Brand in Genk

After reaching the top 3 nine times during the final phases, including three times in first position, CRG-Maxter achieved its best overall result at the fourth meeting of the WSK Euro Series in Belgium. Now that the Championship is about to end, Max Verstappen has the situation firmly in control in KF3, while Jonathan Thonon has regained leadership in KZ1.

In addition to gathering the most competitive drivers in international karting, the WSK Euro Series takes place in countries and circuits that are completely different one from the others. In Genk, drivers found a track layout totally different from the ones in Muro Leccese, Lonato or Zuera, where they raced at the beginning of the season. But again, CRG chassis and Maxter engines perfectly adjusted to new conditions, so much so that victory could have been possible in all the categories. This conclusion made the designers of the famous Italian chassis particularly happy:
"Jonathan Thonon in KZ1 and Yard Pex in KZ2 triumphed in the final race with their CRGs, and Max Verstappen in KF3, Michelle Gatting in KF2 as well as Arnaud Kozlinski in Super KF had the potential to do the same. That did not happen for different reasons, but the race was very open and uncertain in Genk, which is good for karting in general. Anyway, we are very satisfied with the current competitiveness of our products, though one can never rest on their laurels".
In KZ1, Jonathan Thonon was one of the protagonists of the meeting. "It's my fourth podium in four races. That proves that our performances are excellent every time", the Belgian driver commented with satisfaction. "But I really wanted to win and I am happy I achieved a double success in the pre-final and final in Genk. A big thank you to the team and to Tec-Sav! I am again the leader in WSK and I hope I can conquer a new title in this series, after the one I won in 2007". With his pole position and the third place in the final race, Jorrit Pex completed CRG's success, imitated by his brother, Yard Pex, who won in KZ2. These two drivers race with CRG-TM karts from CRG-Holland team.

CRG et Maxter in the heart of the battle

Max Verstappen continues to remain focussed on one of his main goals for 2010: winning the WSK Euro Series title in KF3. By finishing third and then second in Genk, he scored some very important points for the overall standings. In each of the four meetings, there was always at least one CRG-Maxter on the podium in this 13-15 year old category.
In KF2, the CRG Junior Team (VDK Racing) continued to exploit in the best possible way the qualities of chassis manufactured by the company in Desenzano, which demonstrated all their effectiveness with Michelle Gatting at the wheel. After a brilliant recovery up to 3rd place in the pre-final, she thought she could fight for victory in the final race, before she was pushed and went into a tailspin at the start.
The men in black from CRG Racing Team did not go unnoticed in the very animated pack of Super KF. In the pre-final, in particular, Felice Tiene gained 16 places, Eddy Tinini 9 and Arnaud Kozlinski as many as 21, going up from 24th to 3rd place. A real festival of overtaking, after the bad luck of the qualifying heats! "CRG and Maxter have an extraordinary reaction capacity and this allows me to often battle for victory. That's what I wanted to do in Genk, but a little technical problem slowed me down and I had to content myself with 5th place”, “Koko” pointed out. David Forè also showed top-level performance: he qualified for the Super Pole, was 8th at the end of the heats and finished 12th in the final race.


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