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Cloudy, rainy and a little bit cold. But the races at Karting Genk during the BNL Kick Off were so nice to see that they made you warm. The attendees can confirm it.

It was unbelievable how beautiful the races where. Not a single driver crashed in the first corner after the start and everyone was so sportive on the track. Was it because of the 12 cameras on track or the 7 officials who controlled the race or was it just because of the high sportsmanship of all drivers? We will never know it but one thing is sure. It was an incredible and promising start of the new season of the BNL Karting Series! And again many European drivers participated at this high level-racing event in Belgium and that in combination with senior races without front brakes and some nervousness to start racing again made it a successful raceday!   A little shower of rain during the night and in the early morning made the track wet, the guys who choose for rain tires where without a doubt in the benefit during qualifying.  

Due to the win of Martens, Handsaeme, Brown-Nutley, Wishofer, Detige and Pierce they got tickets for the whole BNL Season with two races at Genk and one in Ostricourt. During the Kick Off around 70 International drivers came to Genk, let’s hope that they while find their way back to the BNL for the rest of the season. Why? Not far to drive for a high-class series with camera control on track and most of all, tickets for the Grand Finals to win!  There are only a few more places left in the Junior Class, so interested drivers need to make their entry as soon as possible! Next meeting will be in Genk at 18 & 19 April! What’s on stake? Alfano, Rucanor and Bell are handing out a lot of prices! Each driver will get a free BNL-Shirt and everyone can win the Bell helmet!

Press Release by: BNL karting series - 19/03/15

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