CIK-FIA European KF2 & KF3 Championships
The CIK-FIA has registered almost 400 entries (391 exactly) for its CIK-FIA European KF2 and KF3 Championships regional Qualifications!

The European KF2 and KF3 Championships have always been very popular with Drivers, so in 2001 the CIK-FIA introduced the principle of regional qualifying events. These Qualifications have the distinctive feature of being held on the same weekend, on 29 April-2 May 2010, at three different circuits as Europe has been divided into three regions for the occasion.

Drivers from the so-called “Northern” region will perform on the Thy circuit (Denmark). Drivers from the so-called “Western” region will meet on the PF International circuit at Brandon (Great Britain), and the “Central” region ones will compete at Wackersdorf (Germany).

The regulations initially stipulated that 81 Drivers per category (in proportion to the number of entries in each region) would qualify for the CIK-FIA European Championships Finals of these two categories, scheduled for Genk, in Belgium, on 11 July 2010. As the Super KF category has been deleted from the Genk meeting (further to the cancellation of the European Super KF Championship), the CIK-FIA has opted for reinforcing the programme of the event by allowing additional KF2 and KF3 Drivers to participate in the big Finals of their European Championships. Instead of 81, some 90 Competitors will therefore be eligible as finalists after this weekend’s audition!

Further to the selection events, the number of qualified Drivers per category and per region for the CIK-FIA European Championships Finals will therefore be as follows:

                                                                   KF2   KF3
Northern Region Qualification                    First   First
Thy Karting Center, Hanstholm (DNK)              28      30

Western Region Qualification                      First   First
PF International, Brandon (GBR)                      26     30

Central Region Qualification                        First  First
ProKart Raceland, Wackersdorf (DEU)               36     30



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