The CIK suspends the use of drooping front fairings

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In a note published on its official website, the CIK-FIA has announced the decision to suspend the use of the new front fairing mounting kit with immediate effect.

In the official note, the CIK-FIA states that the measure will be indefinite, that tests are underway, but does not specify what alternatives are on the plate. The recent accident at Adria where a few serious accidents involved drivers in 60 Mini class must have played a decisive part in the decision of the international commission to step back and re-think the entire system.

Here's CIK-FIA official note

"Tests are currently underway to clarify the criteria for a definitive solution. As of now and until further notice, the homologated front fairing mounting kit as defined in Article 31 of the CIK-FIA Specific Prescriptions must therefore no longer be used. Front fairings must be fixed non-removably pending the outcome of the tests and the validation of a new kit. Only the front bumper support – the central part of the homologated front fairing mounting kit, which secures the bumper bars – is now usable. Front fairings homologated for the 2015-2020 period must be used with a fixed mounting.
For further information, please refer to the CIK-FIA Bulletin No 40.

Photo © D.Pastanella - Wafeproject


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