Flood of Podiums for CRG and Maxter!

If CRG showed what it is capable of at the end of March, on the Italian track of Lonato, where only the best chassis can emerge, Maxter had the starring role in Spain, on the Zuera circuit, which is a real test ground for engines. All things considered, it was logical that several CRG-Maxter drivers could climb on the podium of the third round of the WSK Euro Series 2010.

While the eruption of the Eyjafjöll volcano continued in Iceland, scattering ash all over Europe, the sky finally cleared above the Zuera circuit. After a very humid Sunday morning, the final phase took place on a dry track. WSK has made us accustomed to colourful, intense shows and that is exactly what happened in Spain, thanks to the many top-level drivers and highly motivated teams.
And CRG-Maxter karts took part in this show in all the categories. Work done last winter by the company continues to bear fruits and allows several drivers to make their podium dreams come true.
"I am very proud of the level of performance we have reached, especially in KF2 and KF3, two categories in which our technicians have worked really hard to reach the top", commented Giancarlo Tinini, president of the CRG group. And Sunday's afternoon started indeed with the victories of Michelle Gatting in KF2 and Max Verstappen in KF3!

A Title in the Line of Sight for Maxter...
Since season debut, Danish driver Gatting had always been close to the podium in KF2, though she had never found her way to it, at least until now. She reached the podium in style, since her third place was preceded by a brilliant success in pre-final.
"With a kart as fast as mine, I think I could have done even better, but I couldn't not find a way through at the start and I lost several places", Michelle stated. "Pity, because I even drove faster than race leaders during the final".
Michelle, who is supported by VDK Racing (CRG Junior Team) is now heading to the third place in WSK. In KF3, Max Verstappen continued to exploit his very effective CRG-Maxter to show his great talent. On a circuit with long fast stretches and restarts difficult to manage, he passed his rivals as soon as they gained some advantage.
"In this WSK season, I scored the highest number of points five times out of six and my worst result is a second place in Lonato. These results are not due to chance, but to the real competitiveness of my equipment", said Max, who is now even closer to the title.
In the difficult KZ1 category, Jonathan Thonon conquered three podiums in a row. In Zuera, the Belgian driver motorised by Tec’Sav thought he had lost every chance at the start of the pre-final.
"I was forced to pass on the verge to avoid Renaudie who broke his engine at the end of the straight stretch. Then, I gave it all to regain ground and my equipment helped me fine", said Jonathan, who also set the best lap time in the pre-final and then in the final, in addition to his remarkable recovery up to the second place.
In Super KF, a stone thrown by a driver's kart during the final pierced Arnaud Kozlinski's radiator, in full recovery in the final race, just when a podium was in sight.
"My sixth place does not really reflect our level and I think I have shown that also this year, the other teams will have to keep a close eye on CRG and Maxter in the next rounds", Arnaud added.


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