Bridgestone Supercup 238 drivers at the start

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Engines are hot and drivers fired up for the first start of the Bridgestone Supercup 2015 and the Winter Cup.

The first round of the much awaited International Bridgestone Supercup Trophy, taking place next weekend on the South Garda International Circuit in Lonato(Italy)is triggered.
Even before engines fire up, another record, in addition to the amazing prize, has already arrived regarding the number of registered drivers. The entry list contains not less than 238 names; a significant number of drivers divided into four categories: 39 KF, 80 KFJ, 68 KZ2 and 51 Mini Rok.
Drivers come from all continents, and amongst them we have drivers with the best European teams and top drivers of the respective categories.

The double challenge, Bridgestone Winter Cup and Supercup, has all the requirements to become an unmissable event. The cooperation between Bridgestone and South Garda Karting has shown very positive results, given the massive attendance to this appointment; indeed Bridgestone operates in karting since the dawn of this discipline boasting a considerable prestige, given the numerous titles won. Moreover we do not have to forget that Bridgestone is synonymous with quality, in fact, the Japanese company is the world's largest tire manufacturer of the automobile world. To the Winter Cup also joins the attraction exerted by the Pharaonic prize raffled by Bridgestone, amounting to  € 40,000.00 (forty thousand). Prizes will be awarded in cash to KZ2, KF and KFJ categories, for an amount of € 30,000.00; this is a fantastic record that Bridgestone Supercup can boast. The remaining amount of the prize pool will be distributed with technical material and vouchers, worth € 10,000.00.

Next meetings of the Supercup trophy will took place on the South Garda track on April 3rd-4th and October 10th-11th. Please note that the Winter Cup registration is automatically valid also as enrolment in the first round of the Bridgestone Supercup. For the second and third rounds instead registrations will be opened as soon as possible; you will be able to register on-line through the entry form that will be published on the website

1 10.000 € * + 1 set  7.000€* + 1 set 5.000€* + 1 set 1 Mini Rok engine + 2 sets
2 2.500€ *+1 set 2.000€ *+ 1 set 1.500 €*+ 1 set 1000 € spare parts + 1 set
3 1.500€ *+ 1 set 1.000€* + 1 set 800 €*+ 1 set 800 € spare parts + 1 set
4 3 sets of tyres 3 sets of tyres 3 sets of tyres 500 € spare parts + 1 set
5 2 sets of tyres 2 sets of tyres 2 sets of tyres 200 € spare parts + 1 set
*after tax

Press Release by: Vorton - 20/02/15

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