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The first round of the European Championships of the KZ1 and KZ2 categories at Sarno-Napoli (ITA) on 10 and 11 April 2010 was the opportunity for the CIK-FIA to implement some innovations aimed at reinforcing the services offered to participants and spectators.

Already a pioneer in the Karting field with the live transmission of results on its website (2005) and with the splitting of tracks into three timed sections (for a sharp study of partial lap-times), the CIK-FIA launched in Sarno a new mode of issuing of classifications, with the installation of its own wifi system allowing to send the results for the attention of Teams, Mechanics, accompaniers and spectators on their own portable computers or on their smartphones. This is a fine way of having live reading of the performances and classifications of Drivers from the paddock or the grandstands. The system is called CIKLIVE HOTSPOT. It complements another service developed last year which is ensured by a terminal with a touch-sensitive display capable of printing on paper and on request the results of all practice sessions, heats and races of the competition weekend.
Another novelty was introduced at these European Championships held at Sarno. A new software, connected to a very high-definition camera, reinforces the traditional timekeeping system. This system, developed by the Vola company, provides an exceptional precision (non-stop recording of 7,000 to 14,000 lines per second!); it also acts as a photo finish and as a back-up for timekeeping. If the timekeeping is faulty, the system can reconstitute the full race thanks to a photographic recording of the finish line crossing of all the karts. It also allows the follow-up of a kart which may have inopportunely taken the start of the race without its transponder or may have lost it during the event.
Finally, further to the very positive experimentation conducted at three events in 2009, the CIK-FIA has generalised the use of on-board cameras on the karts, with the goal of controlling the Drivers’ track behaviour; it is also aimed at education and communication. The miniature Go-Pro cameras used this year are of the HD type and offer a very sharp quality of pictures.

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