CRG-Maxter Official Team in Spain on the Circuit of Zuera

The third meeting of the WSK Euro Series - scheduled next 18th april in Spain - will be crucial for the rankings of the championship. CRG-Maxter leads with Thonon and Verstappen in KF3.
Good chances to strike back in Super KF and for a good result in KF2 with Gatting.

Desenzano  del  Garda (Brescia  - Italy),  12th April 2010. 
After  the  first  two meetings  in  Italy, on  the circuits of Muro Leccese and
Lonato,  the  Karting International  Series  Euro WSK  gets  into  its  crucial
moment  and  moves  to Spain,  on  the  fast International  Circuit  of
Zuera,  near  Zaragoza,  for the  third  event  of  the season.  With  the  free
practice  scheduled  for  next Wednesday  14th April,  this fundamental  stage  of  the
championship  begins.  The finals  of  Sunday  18th April will  outline  a  more  precise
situation of the rankings for all  the  four  categories taking part in this important
international competition.
So, the  spotlights  are obviously on the official team of CRG-Maxter, which has to confirm the competitiveness of its karts and its drivers, both in the junior category KF3 – whose undisputed leader is the “all black” driver Max Verstappen– and in the other, more performing  categories, where the expectations for the Italian team are great.
In  the  top  gear-shift  category,  KZ1,  the  three  time  world  champion  Jonathan  Thonon is  expected  to confirm his excellent previous performances. He took the lead of the ranking after the race at Lonato and he is ready to widen the gap between himself and the other competitors. Great expectations for the young Dutch  driver  Jorrit  Pex,  racing  for  CRG  Holland;  while  Norman  Nato,  after  the  brilliant  performance  at Lonato, will not take part in the Spanish meeting because he will be driving in a racing car competition.
In KF2 the centre of attention is the young and performing Danish driver Michelle Gatting, racing for CRG Junior Team, who has gained the right to claim one of the top positions of the ranking. So far, she has really got near it and perhaps she is now ready to celebrate this terrific achievement right here in Spain. In this same  category  everybody expects  a  good  result  also from  the  young Argentinean  driver  Roberto  Franco Curia, as well as a proof of his talent is expected from Giovanni Martinez.
Picture shows the CRG drivers of the WSK Euro Series. In the foreground
Jonathan Thonon, leader of the KZ1 championship.
Among  the  young  talents racing  for  CRG in  KF3, besides  the  well  established
talent  of  Max  Verstappen, great  expectations  for  the promising  but  unlucky  driver
Benjamin  Grard;  the  same can be said  for Mario Ziletti.
In the other most performing category,  Super  KF,  the reigning  World  Champion,
the  French  driver  Arnaud Kozlinski,  together  with  the other  CRG  drivers  – Davide
Forè,  Felice  Tiene and  Eddy Tinini – will sound the charge for  CRG  after  the  unlucky
performance  at  Lonato, ready  to  race  for  the  final win of the championship of the category.
“In these last days, we have been working on  the  development  of  the  Super  KF
engine – says  a  very  motivated  “Koko” Kozlinski   – and  I’m sure  that  all  our  team  will  be  able  to achieve  a  great  result.  To  say  it  plainly, here  at  Zuera  we  aim  at  the  podium.  In
our  last  race  in  Super  KF  at  Lonato  we didn’t perform the way we wanted, but in
these  last  days  we  have  been  working hard together with Maxter. I’m absolutely
confident: in Spain we will achieve a good result. We can re-open the championship
at Zuera; this is our goal.”
Nico Carigiet, person in charge of  the Maxter engines,   agrees with his  driver: “For  the  race  at Zuera we expect good results in all the categories. We took a good step in the development of the engine in KF3 as well as in in KF2. In Super KF is tougher, but our technicians have been working a lot lately to the set up of a very  performing  engine  in  this  category  too,  even  though  we  haven’t  had  much  time.  In  KZ  we  will  be competitive as usual: our engine can aim at the final win once more.”

The Programme of the WSK Euro Series on the International Circuit of Zuera (Spain):
Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th April: 8.20am-06.15pm free practice.
Friday 16th April: 08.20am-02.15pm free practice; 03.00-05.10 time practice.
Saturday  17th April:  08.20am  - 10.15am  warm-up;  10.20am-10.30am  Super  KF  Superpole;  10.40am-18.00pm qualifying heats
Sunday 18th April: 08.00am - 09.25am warm-up; 09.30am-11.05am qualifying heats; 11.10am presentation of the drivers; 12.30pm pre-finals; 02.30pm finals and prize-giving ceremonies; 04.40pm press conference.

KZ1: 1 Thonon (B) points 85; 2. Lammers (NL) 77; 3. Abbasse (F) 72; 4.
Iglesias (F) 49; 5. Renaudie (F) 42; 6. Nato (F) 40; 7. Piccoli (I) 26; 8.
Dreezen (B) 25; 9. Toninelli (I) 24; 10. Piccioni (I) 22.
Super KF: 1. Convers (F) points 100; 2. Ardigò (I) 92; 3. De Vries (NL) 57;
4. Catt (GB) 56; 5. Cooper (GB) 32; 6. Cesetti (I) 30; 7. De Brabander (B)
25; 8. Kozlinski (F) 25; 9. Camponeschi (I) 20; 10. Chamberlain (GB) 19.
KF3: 1. Verstappen (NL) points 115; 2. Hoevenaars (NL) 70; 3. Albon
(GB) 54; 4. Spinelli 44; 5. Hubert (F) 32; 6. Ocon 31; 7. Beer 30; 8. Fioravanti (I) 25; 9. Visoiu (RO) 20; 10. Gasly (F) 16.
KF2: 1. Moller (DK) points 93; 2. D’Agosto (I) 80; 3. Silva (BR) 50; 4. Varley (GB) 36; 5. Gatting (DK) 35; 6. Nortoft (DK) 33; 7. Barrabeig (E) 27; 8. Klinkby-Silver (DK) 26; 9. Kanamaru (J) 24; 10. Guibbert (F) 20.

1 - Arnaud Kozlinski (F) - Bordeaux (F), 8th October 1981. World Champion Super KF 2009. Champion WSK Super KF 2009. Third in the SKF World Cup 2009. Fifth in the KZ1 World Cup 2009. KF1 European runner-up 2008. WSK KF1  runner-up  2008.  World  Cup  Champion  FA  2006.  2003  and  2004  World  runner-up.  French Champion 1999 (ICA) and 2005 (FA). S-ICC European runner-up 1999.
4  - Felice  Tiene  (I) – San  Giuseppe  Vesuviano  (I),  14th December  1991.  Asia-Pacific  Champion  KF2  2009. European Selections winner KF2 2007 and 2009. Fourth place in the KF2 World Cup 2008. Third in the Junior European Selections 2006. Third in the Mini Italian Championship 2002.
5  - Davide Forè (I) - Brescia  (I), 16th July 1974. KF1 World Cup winner 2008. World Champion 1998 (FSA), 2000 (FSA), 2004 (FA), 2006 (FA). World Cup winner S-ICC 2006. FA European Champion 1994.
6 - Eddy Tinini (I) - Lonato (I), 14th December 1985. Super KF World Cup finalist Suzuka 2009. KF2 Mundialito Canario KF2 winner 2008. Bridgestone Cup ICA winner 2006.
103 - Jonathan Thonon (B) - Waterloo (B), 22nd October 1986. World Champion KZ1 2007, 2008 and 2009. Third in the 2009 KZ1 European Champ. 2008 KZ1 European Champion. Third in WSK KZ2 2008. Runner-up in the  2007  European  KZ1  Champ.  WSK  Champion  in  KZ2  2007.  World  Cup  S-ICC  runner-up  2006.  WSK  FA runner-up 2006. European Champion ICA 2002. Belgian and French Champion ICA 2002. Winner European Sel. ICA 2002. Belgian Junior Champion 2001.
217  - Giovanni  Martinez  (I) - Alghero  (I),  1st May  1993.  Participation  in  the  WSK  2009  and  European Selections 2009 in KF2. Fourth in the Italian Championship 100 Junior 2008.
280  - Roberto  Franco  Curia  (RA) - Buenos  Aires  (RA),  20th December  1992.  Fifth  in  the  Panamerican Championship  CIK-FIA  ICC-Sudam  2009.  Participation  in  the  WSK  2009  KF2.  Prokart  Championship  of Argentina, Coppa Rotax Max.
301 - Max Verstappen (NL) - Hasselt (B), 30th September 1997. Benelux Mini Max and Belgian Rotax Mini Max  Champion  2009.  Belgian  KF5  Champion  2009.  Belgian  Cadet  Champion  2008.  Benelux  Mini  Max Champion  2008.  Belgian Rotax  Mini Max Champion  2008.  Belgian  and  Dutch  Rotax  Mini Max Champion 2007. Belgian Mini Champion 2006. Belgian Mini Champion 2005.
302 - Benjamin Gèrard (F) - Paris, 10th March 1997. Fourth in the French Cadet Championship 2009. French Champion Mini 2008.
303  - Mario  Ziletti  (I) - Manerbio  (I),  13th September  1995.  Seventh  in  the  Regional  Championship  of Lombardia (Italy) KF3 2009.

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