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CRG’s Rent-to-Race forms partnership with Linde Material Handling, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in electric powertrain technology…

The new E-DRENALINE electric kart is at the apex of electric kart propulsion technology and was awarded critically acclaimed accolades during the 2015 International Kart Expo in Offenbach, Germany. The newly forged partnership between the Electronic Systems & Drives (ES&D) unit of Linde Material Handling, which is marketing the company’s expertise gained in more than 40 years of developing and producing electric propulsion packages under the label ‘eMotion’, and CRG, the legendary kart manufacturer, have raised the bar of excellence in the electric rental kart industry.
CRG, considered an institution in karting, having won more World Championships and produced more formula driving talents than any other kart manufacturer, contributes excellence in kart design and manufacturing, whereas Linde’s ES&D division provides its system integration expertise and proven electric drive systems deriving from the serial production of forklift trucks to create E-DRENALINE, the ultimate electric rental kart – German technology combined with Italian ingenuity capturing the best both companies have to offer. Additionally, E-DRENALINE operators can benefit from Linde’s world-spanning service network and the company’s connectivity know how.
The most advanced and innovative product the electric rental kart industry has to offer…
The new E-DRENALINE electric drive unit was designed and developed according to a specific set of parameters indicated by CRG on the basis of power, compact dimension, low consumption, durability and weight tolerances. Thus, E-DRENALINE is not a conventional industrial machine but was built with the specific intent of offering the indoor rental kart market the most easy to use, advance and robust product possible.
The performance characteristic of E-DRENALINE:
Ø  2.6 KW nominal power per engine
Ø  6,5 KW maximum power per engine
Ø  Axle torque up to 180 Nm available from zero speed
Ø  Electronic differential for easier steering and control in tight curves
Ø  System control display screen incorporated in steering wheel
Ø  Formula 1 battery recharge system with option for booster drive
Ø  Reverse function
Ø  Emergency stop option
Ø  Battery nominal capacity 100 Ah (48 V)
Ø  Battery guaranteed 3000 cycles (minimum)
Ø  Battery autonomy up to 60minutes (1 cycle)
Ø  Advanced diagnostic software system
Ø  Program of IT apps in development
Ø  Can be used also on outdoor tracks as the engine has an IP65 waterproof rating
Ø  Programmable power curve based on type of track (short track bottom power / long track top power)
Ø  Programmable rear engine sequential breaking power (no need for rear hydraulic brakes / required only on front)
GSM Remote diagnostics and impact automatic speed reduction
CRG will also deploy Linde’s remote diagnostic software tool which transfers relevant control data via the GSM network to a central server enabling CRG to monitor the state of condition of the E-DRENALINE fleets across the globe. This special feature will allow CRG to react within 24 to 48 hours to service the karts in a cost effective and diligent manner offering all Rent-to-Race track partners premium assistance.
Furthermore, the karts will also be equipped with a dedicated impact sensor. Depending on the level of impact the karts’ control unit can be programmed to automatically reduce the speed of the vehicle enabling the driver to safely return to the service area. This feature will assist the circuit operators to determine whether there was any negligence during the use of the karts and also prevents further damage to the kart itself.
Photos of E-DRENALINE at the expo:
Within the upcoming months CRG will be inviting rental track operators to Europe for a test visitation seminar, the date of the first official E-DRENALINE seminar will be disclosed soon.
By the mid 2015 CRG and Linde eMotion will organize a ‘look & feel’ event featuring a pre series fleet of 20 karts giving interested audiences the opportunity to drive the E-DRENALINE under normal track racing conditions.
For further information please contact CRG direct at the following contact info.
Tel: +39.030.9912604
Mob. +39.331.6305745
Skype:   Christopher.r2r

Press Release by: CRG - 05/02/15

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