Sodi's Unstoppable Momentum!

Anthony Abbasse's Sodi chassis literally dominated KZ1 in Lonato, at the second meeting of the WSK Euro Series.

From practice sessions to the final race, Sodi gave its top driver the best possible package. With a Sodi BV chassis perfectly adapted to every track condition and a TM engine at the top, Anthony was able to focus exclusively on his race performance and could show his extraordinary talent as a driver. A great victory for Sodi at the presence of the elite of international karting.


As soon as he got off the podium, Anthony Abbasse commented his result: "Tec-Sav gives us an incomparable peace of mind as far as engines are concerned. I have no longer to worry about the weather, the track ... the mechanics is always fit. And Sodi chassis 2010 are so effective that we only need to make a few standard adjustments based on track conditions. After that, I just do my job as a driver! Easy, isn't it?!"


Anthony, what a driver! As one of the journalists at the press conference rightly pointed out, we often forget that in France we have, unquestionably, the equivalent of a Thonon or a Lammers. Indeed, it was against the current greatest champions that Abbasse conquered another victory. And when a champion of his calibre can always rely on the flawless quality of his equipment, he definitely fears no rivals… A result that confirms the excellent behaviour of the whole range of chassis in 2010, both on the international scene and at all regional and national events of this season debut.


Nicola de Cola, SRT team manager, only commented the victory of his driver with a big happy smile… At the end of the race, his most prestigious rivals acknowledged Anthony's performance, sometimes with colourful expressions: "Antho had simply a heck of a kart ... impossible to follow it in the winding parts..."


Small Recipe for a Perfect Weekend: a super kart, some easy adjustments, a very good driver, a first place in timed qualifying, as well as in the pre-final and final ... it all seems very easy… Anthony is now third in the KZ1 standings of the WSK Euro Series and can already dream about other victories, considering how impressive his quiet force was this weekend.


In the other categories, the wonderful performances by Véve SRT in KF3 confirmed the excellence of the equipment used, with the two Sodi ST 32 driven by Amaury Rossero and Léo Roussel respectively 1st and 2nd in timed qualifying! A great result, confirmed during the heats by the verve shown by Roussel and Marchetti. Ludovic Vève is rightly satisfied: "The equipment worked wonderfully, the chassis are at the top, no doubt about it. My drivers are still very young, they have to build up some experience...".


As for Pierre Gasly (KF3), despite his great time results, a small problem in timed qualifying prevented him from expressing his usual talent. Match Postponed.


In KF2, experienced Sébastien Bailly and his young team mate Alexandre Baron (who already has the same level of performance as his leader) cannot be blamed for much; the same can be said about Andrick Zeen, who is making excellent progress: indeed, they could not make up for the few tenths of a second that their official motorisation still lacks on this season debut…


Busy preparing the European KZ1 Championship and the European qualifying rounds for KF2 and KF3, SRT will be far from idle in the coming days. But the taste of victory is the best of motivations for the team, which has already done a remarkable job on this season debut.


Created by: admin - 01/04/10

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