CIK-FIA «U18» World Karting Championship

After the registration of chassis makes motivated by the aim of conquering a supreme title, the new CIK-FIA «U18» World Championship will enter a decisive phase on Thursday 1st April with the opening of Drivers’ entries (entry application forms are on line on www.cikfia.com)

02 competitors will be eligible to participate in this World Championship where the keynotes are youth, accessibility and education. The 102 entries will be validated according to the date on which the complete entry dossiers are supplied to the CIK-FIA. Needless to say that it is strongly recommended that candidates enter at their earliest convenience. Eligible Drivers must be holders of an international grade C-Junior, C-Senior, B or A licence and in the 15-18 age bracket.

The competition will comprise three events, each concentrated over two and a half days of running (practice and races), plus half a day dedicated to a groundbreaking pedagogical programme. The concentration of the events in time is an initial measure aimed at controlling costs. And many additional ones, with a technical character, have been implemented in order to reduce by 3 to 5 the costs imposed by other international high-level Championships.

«The most spectacular cost reduction factors are to be found engine and tyre-wise, explained Nicolas Deschaux, President of the CIK-FIA. The Parolin and Dunlop companies are making an extraordinary promotion effort by placing their products at the disposal of all the Drivers on a free basis! Additionally, in order to ensure the best possible opportunity of chances, all this equipment will be allocated by drawing lots under the supervision of CIK-FIA Officials. We shall also introduce an original method for the control of chassis and accessories in order to prevent evolutions, which are often costly, from appearing during the Championship for the benefit of a few Drivers only. This great project is transporting the CIK-FIA Karting World Championship into a new dimension, capable of refocusing Karting on its original virtues, i.e. those of a rank and file sport which should be affordable and reveal young talents.»

A 14th make has been added to the list of chassis from which Drivers shall select their equipment at the time of their entry. Top Kart has joined Energy, Haase, Intrepid, Jesolo, Mach 1, Maranello, MS Kart, M-Tec, Parolin, PCR, Righetti Ridolfi, Sodi and Tecno.

The 2010 edition of the CIK-FIA «U18» World Championship will begin on 23-25 July at Wackersdorf (Germany), to continue on 27-29 August at Alcaniz (Spain) and end on 1-3 October at Val d’Argenton (France).


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