Passion, Competition and... Podiums!

CRG confirmed its excellent season debut at the second meeting of theWSK Euro Series, in Lonato. The goal to achieve high level of effectivenessboth in KF and KZ was fulfilled, once again. Max Verstappen in KF3, Norman Natoand Jonathan Thonon in KZ1 fiercely showed off Maxter's colours on the podium,while Michelle Gatting missed this podium for a hair's breadth in KF2.

The CRG Racing Team left Lonato with a lot of lessons to be learned. Team members witnessed once again the incredibly high level of competition in the prestigious WSK series that forces all competitors to constantly increase their efforts. Rivals are always present in force and there are many teams and brands represented, so there is not time to relax. Ever. CRG and Maxter know the situation very well, as regulars of leading positions.

"Once again, the work made by our technicians is paying off. We are happy when our official drivers make it to the podium, but it is even more rewarding to see private drivers fighting for victory on CRG-Maxter karts coming straight from our manufacturing units. In Lonato, that's what happened with drivers such as Norman Nato (Team T3M-KCM), Michelle Gatting (Team VDK), Jorrit Pex (Team CRG Holland) or Maxime Ladic - these last two drivers raced on CRG-TM karts”, the Italian team commented.


Maxter: Leader of the WSK in KF3 and KZ1


As for younger drivers, Max Verstappen mounted on his third podium in three meetings in KF3! "It was another fantastic race for me", Max admitted. "I won three heats out of four, and then the pre-final. In the final race, I engaged in a nice duel with Albon. At the end he overtook me, but with this second place I have a good chance in the Championship provisional standings. With a kart like mine, I can be optimistic about the future".

In KF2, Michelle Gatting always gets close to the podium, but doesn't mount on it. Just like on season debut, in La Conca, she finished 4th. "In the pre-final, I caught a 10-second penalty and I fell back from 4th to 16th place. Without that, it would have been easier for me to reach a podium in the final", she explained. Starting respectively from 6th and 7th place in the pre-final, Arnaud Kozlinski and Davide Forè had high hopes for Super KF. But after a collision at the start of the race, they immediately lost contact with the lead pack. "Pity, because my recovery from 26th to 7th place in the final race proves that I had a card to play on this difficult circuit for engines", "Koko" explained.

Several CRG chassis were in the spotlight also in KZ1 and KZ2. On his debut on a CRG chassis, Norman Nato showed some impressive performance. Third in the pre-final behind another CRG-Maxter, Jonathan Thonon's, the French driver managed to turn the situation to his favour in the final against the Belgian driver, finishing the race close to the bumper of the winner and with the best lap time in his pocket. "I really loved my new chassis. I only had a few days to get used to it before the race, so I thought I would be impossible to fight for victory this way, on my first race of the year. It was great!" Norman exclaimed. As for Thonon, he is now leader of the Championship after an excellent, top-performance weekend.


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