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Easter break is getting closer and closer. Our April issue dedicates the cover to the ‘Vote the Number 1 – 50 years of champions’ special article. Allen, Ardigò, Foré, Piccini, Rossi, Senna, Thonon, Wilson, are some of the best drivers in the history of karting. You decide who’s the best of all times. Plus, we feature the X-Ray of Maxter KZ and KF engines, the 21st Margutti Trophy race report, interviews to Angelo Parrilla, Libor Toman and Jack Hawksworth, and much, much more!


The two contenders
With spring here upon us the “leit motiv” of karting, the “glossy” one, is the standing taken up by Birel, CRG and Tonykart, the so-called “triad” towards Cik-Fia. Their strategy is not to let any of their drivers for the European KF and KZ championships, that is, for the main events, the World championship and KZ1 World Cup. The FIA has held its ground and for the first round of the World F1 championship, held in Bahrain, the world Board council has given a clear communication for those who have decided not to take part in the European championship, that is, the three leading set ups in the made in Italy karting industry, stating that it would be impossible to compete in the World championship. This means that war has been declared and, for the time being, neither of the parties seems to be open to dialogue. Then again rumours say that the match could get worse. We’ll wait and see.

At this point some considerations are a must. Taken that the “triad” no longer wish to put up with things that have shown little respect for them: about ten years ago, when Leon (remember? the man who suggested that the 2-stroke should die out and the 4-stroke step in) and after Macaluso (non influential in any circumstance that have had to do with the difficulties that the world of karting has had to face after disasters created by the French president before him) are protagonist of an intransigent line that didn’t suit the manufacturers’ needs and the scene of titled events. Who’s going to benefit from this diatribe? Perhaps nobody, but as things stand, it is right to reach the extreme remedy to underline the gap, which has built up between the two parties in question in view of a hard clash there may be in the near future, they should sit at a table and find a logical policy as a solution to the problem. There are several points to discuss and resolve. The triad have more decisional power during Cik-Fia Board meetings, which although may seem some sort of force is however a need, justified by industrial power, brought about by investments made to give credibility on the international scene at titled events. Therefore, in future the regulatory aspect has to be better shared between the two parties. And also decisions regarding dates and circuits that host these events… Preferences are determined by interests and the aim that the made in Italy has towards some international markets.

Nicolas Deschaux, the new Cik-Fia president is French and not known to many, besides, I think that it is difficult to give him a sense of responsibility at such a point for such a delicate situation…then again gossip has abounded. In order to avoid further misunderstandings, it would be more logical if the number 1 member of the Cik-Fia, Jean Todt, stepped in, and looked into this long-standing controversy. Who knows, he may have done so. In the meanwhile, as we wait to see some positive signals and a compromise coming through in the near future, may I say something about what’s happening in Italy, forgetting that, for obvious institutional reasons, the duel between the three manufactures and the Cik-Fia also affects the top level of the Aci, from whom we expect to know its position as warrantee for both the Italian industry and on the Fia world Board.
Giuseppe Nolè, Fik president, continues his battle against Vittorio Loriga, president of the sub-commission. Everybody knows hat they don’t get on. The thing is that, also in this case there is no sign of who’s going to win the fight or, perhaps it’s better to say that up till now, there have been no changes in trying to resolve the problem that involves our national karting. In this case too we hope that this never ending dispute ends as soon as possible, and that the two parties take upon themselves the role they have been invested with to guarantee and promote Italian karting. As the karting season has started, even if grids haven’t been full due to weather conditions. The Winter Cup, round one of the Open Masters and the Margutti have however had good grids, better than last year’s. Something that leads to believe that despite what is happening, at a political and regulatory level, there are still a lot of people who don’t want to hang up their helmets yet.
As for the Open Masters, the most important event of the Italian racing schedule, the Fik is working had to bring this race to the splendour it used to be, even if at Castelletto there actually were some faults in organisation, as though the data base of what had been gained over previous years had been lost. Luckily the agreement with Nuvolari regarding television coverage in direct (several hours) was welcomed by all, and some well-known manufacturer seems to have drawn closer to share the project that marked the turning point in 1998: to present a suitable scene for all those concerned and karters, offering a more professional show during championship races. There is still a lot to do, Nolè must work hard to build up a work team that that can fulfil this. In the meanwhile, for the next meeting in Sicily, we expect to see improvements and innovations that will influence development positively, and increase the credibility level of Cik events. Out of them all, the most exciting is Rotax Italia, represented by Crg in Italy, who have decided to invest in the event and set up the Trofeo Rotax Italia Open Masters. An added value for the Open Master and a small satisfaction for president Nolè, who has been working hard for a long time to promote low cost formulas for the benefit of all amateur karters.

Awaiting to hear good news from the national and international world of karting, as usual Vroom gives you a wide range of topics and issues from different interesting tracks and places. From the cover you can see the special “Vote for the Number 1”. Who do you think the best driver out? We have decided on the first 13. Now, here’s a chance of adding another one so as to satisfy those readers who don’t agree with our list completely.

Enough said; now I’ll leave you to enjoy your reading

Giuliano Ciucci Giuliani


SPECIAL - Vote for Number 1
Our walk back in time continues and divides into decades of kart drivers who have left an indelible mark. The question is who is the number one driver of all time?

RACE REPORT - 21st Andrea Margutti Trophy
Sunday’s rain did not cause any particular difficulties for the 21st edition of the Margutti Trophy. After the Minikart race, Lorandi was completely vindicated following a crash with Marcu thanks to the racetrack video, allowing him to celebrate his victory. As for the races in the other categories spinelli grabbed KF3 win, Nortoft took KF2 and solgat took first in kz2.

X-RAY - Maxter 125 KZ and KF
Maxter, reigning KF1 and KZ1 world champions, make the most of their past racing experience with the new homologations. The KZ MXO has undergone minor adjustments, while the KF XF has literally been transformed!

Believe, Obey, Fight. This is Angelo Parrilla’s motto, the former head of DAP and one of the few great experts on the karting world over time. We were able to let the reigns loose and talk freely on about anything, a real interview to get you talking...

TALKING TO - Libor Toman
After a long 2009 season with little success, Birel factory driver Libor Toman longs to repeat his fantastic results in 2008, when on his debut season in the queen class he scored two brilliant second place finishes at the World Championship and Suzuka World Cup. His intentions turned into facts at the first international meeting of the season. He wins the Winter Cup in Lonato. This puts the Czech driver back in the A-list of international karting.

TALKING TO - Jack Hawksworth
Confident, Cool, Fast. If we were to describe Jack Hawksworth with three adjectives, that’s what comes to mind. Not that you have to think about it much, as these qualities are strikingly obvious when you talk to him.

ON THE TECHNICAL SIDE - Advanced ignition technique
Fixed advance, variable, ignition curves… here’s everything you need to know to get the best from your engine!

VINTAGE - Walter Kaaden and 50 years of the rotary valve part 2
Walter Kaaden was the founding father of the two-stroke rotary valve engine, but he was not the only one to give life to this revolution...

The racing season is in full swing. We feature reports from the Florida Winter Tour rnd.3-4; the last round of the German Winter Cup at Kerpen; the first round of the Australian CIK Championship at his first year as main-gig; the CIK Trophy of New Zealand; and round 1 and 2 of the Pagcor KF2-KF3 Cup from the Philippines.

COLUMNS – Mondokart & May national and international calendar
We open the news section with the official press release by the CIK announcing the cancellation of the European SKF Championship. The Rock Island Grand Prix, the biggest street race in the USA announced the collaboration with CKI for 2010. Schumi hits Genk karting track 5 days before F1 debut in Bahrain. Rotax Italia invests in the Italian Open Masters with its own trophy. And much more!
As usual, we end with the national and international racing calendar featuring May events. 67 national races from 26 countries across the world, plus 8 major international events.

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