Having registered just 14 requests for entry to the Super KF European Championship, the CIK-FIA has had to take the decision to cancel it.

This Championship should, in principle, have been run over three events. The European events in which the Super KF should have been run will, nevertheless, be retained as their programme includes other categories in which the number of entries has not suffered any shortfall.
It should be stressed that the traditional World Championship is not under any threat whatsoever and will certainly go ahead, at Zuera (ESP) on 19 September 2010. An alternative solution, to ensure the smooth running of this historic FIA Championship (45ème edition) and one capable of attracting a number of participants worthy of the status of the competition, is currently being examined and will shortly be submitted to the FIA CIK Commission and the World Motor Sport Council for their approval.

For the President of the CIK-FIA, Nicolas Deschaux: «This situation raises the problem of the pertinence of the Super KF technical regulations and its relevance to the prevailing economic situation and the general interest in Karting. Having already initiated a discussion on the future of the Super KF during the early meetings of the CIK in January and February, it is important for us, as rapidly as possible, to conduct a basic reflection among the members of the CIK-FIA and all the actors and partners involved. I remain very confident for the CIK-FIA Karting World Championship, which promises to be a great success. I would be quite tempted to have it based on KF2, a category that is widespread in the ASNs and traditionally used in large numbers in the CIK-FIA continental Championships and Trophies. Participation would be very strong, resolutely world-wide and suitable for all Drivers, including private ones».



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