New exhaust sensor by Unipro

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Unipro has been working on the perfect exhaust sensor for a while. Finally they have succeeded in making the most perfect exhaust sensor - ultra fast, precise and much more robust. It can even be used on other Laptimers as well.

In the picture of Unipro's new exhaust sensor, note the angled cable and the very fine sensing tip. In the graphs, a comparison of the old and the new sensor. Data is from the same track on the same day. The red line is the old sensor and the blue is the new sensor. You can see the red temperature graph is lagging behind the RPM curve. When lagging, you miss the peaks of the exhaust temperature. The blue graph shows the new exhaust sensor. You clearly see how fast and precise it is.
Extra cable needed depending on Laptimer.
It is in stock and the price is Euro 198.00 exclusive VAT.
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